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Valued at over $40 you can claim vital monthly healing powers in just a few clicks.

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A new journey begins. Your divine self awaits. Live up to your fullest potential.


Heal, Transform, and Empower Through The Catalyst Energy of Crystals

What's Inside Bestsellers

A curated collection every month. Our monthly themes align with the cosmos to further vibrate the crystal energy with your intentions.

Every Crystal Box comes with a special bonus gift for cleansing and clarity.

Selected Crystals

Place your order and receive custom crystal frequencies. We use the process of attunement to intuitively choose the right frequency and align your chakras.


Cleansed and Charged Crystals

Before the crystals are dispatched, we smudge crystals to cleanse them. Smudging revitalizes and lifts the crystal vibrations. You’ll always find energy in our selection of stones. 

We recommend that you cleanse and charge your crystals accordingly upon receipt. One method is to place them under full moonlight or sunlight, in a safe area, to derive natural energy. Another alternative is to burn sage and let the smoke purge your crystals of negative vibes.

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If you aren’t 100% happy with their Crystal Box, we’ll work with you to make it right. Free shipping inside the contiguous 48 United States. Other conditions may apply. Plans automatically renew and you are committing to the length of your Crystal Box plan.

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