Healing Chrysoprase Definition

The etymology of the word “chrysoprase” comes from Ancient Greece; it combines the words for green and gold. This is a stone that can help you channel emotional energy. There may be times in your life when self-deprecation sets in and affects your vibes. 

This general malaise of the 21st century is closely related to the negative aspects of the Information Age, and it is up to you to tap into your heart chakra so that you can feel good about yourself once again. Chrysoprase is the right energy tool for emotional positivism.


Chrysoprase Color

The vivid green apple coloring and unique patterns of chrysoprase are playful gifts from Mother Nature; as such. Masonry workers believed that the amazing green coloring of chrysoprase was caused by gold deposits when it is actually the result of nickel.

Chrysoprase Stone

Chrysoprase is a type of chaldecony, specifically  cryptocrystalline quartz.

It has the same mineral surface hardness as quartz, ranking between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale. Although striking patterns can be appreciated from time to time, this stone is valued for its magical color.


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Chrysoprase Benefits

Chrysoprase is known as the calming stone. It is useful for reducing stress when you meditate and channel the serene vibrations. There is something about this stone that makes it very friendly. It creates an aura of positivity.


Once you get your hands on a chrysoprase piece, you will want to take it everywhere with you, and you should. It activates healing energy within your body so that you can handle ongoing problems and obstacles.

Chrysoprase Powers and Properties

This stone is one of the many antidepressants gifted to us by Mother Nature. Similar to being transported to a peaceful beach in the Caribbean, chrysoprase can guide you on a journey of relaxation and happiness. Namely, it allows you to tie into the auras that generate universal love.  You can attract emotional connections and add them to your life. 

What’s more, the chrysoprase will lead you to inner truth by allowing you to unleash spiritual power in nature. When you take a bath, the stone can increase the relaxation you’ll receive from the water.


Chrysoprase Price

Chrysoprase is extracted from quarries located in Australia, Arizona, Brazil, California, Poland, and Russia. Australia is listed as the primary distributor, Compared to other gemstones, chrysoprase tends to be more affordable.

Factors affecting price can include gem impurities, the stone quality, and if they were dyed. Some specimens of chrysoprase cost as little as $10 USD. These tend to be smaller carat sizes. Large collector’s specimens of rough chrysoprase can retail for more than $1500 USD.

Chrysoprase Healing Uses

This is stone is meant to complement the heart chakra, which in the yogic tradition promotes balance and serenity. If you practice yoga, you can hold chrysoprase while in the lotus position as you tighten your abdominal and lower back muscles, thus unleashing the positive energy of your core. You will also stimulate blood flow and circulation through your body.


Chrysoprase Jewelry

Similar to jade and emeralds, chrysoprase stones are often shaped into earrings, pendants, rings, and necklaces. This is a stone with an uncanny ability to look playful and dignified at the same time.

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Quality Factors


Green is a soothing color that reminds us of Mother Nature. Chrysoprase stones present a playful green that represents the cheerful side of emotional life.


Even though chrysoprase is crystalline, it presents a solid appearance, and this is because of its cryptocrystalline properties. The crystals are so tiny and concentrated that they can only be revealed by powerful microscopes.


Rounded cutting and careful polishing are the best methods to highlight the beauty of chrysoprase. To a certain extent, chrysoprase is similar to onyx in the sense that cutting blocks at quarries results in rounded fragments that begged to be polished.

Carat Weight

Chrysoprase is not the type of stone that needs to be measured in carats. It tends to feel lighter than its outward appearance.

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Chrysoprase is an excellent stone for healing the emotional body. Its metaphysical properties are quite powerful, attracting new love, wealth, abundance, and prosperity. This beautiful crystal contains small quantities of nickel. 

Chrysoprase opens and activates the heart chakra and sacral chakra. Its green-ray energy is extremely soothing and heals emotional wounds.  This highly vibrational crystal encourages loyalty, love, and security. It also heals our inner child. Chrysoprase also balances the hormones, supports the reproductive system, and promotes fertility. 


This crystal is great for: 

  • Attracts new love, abundance, and prosperity 
  • Promotes joy and happiness 
  • Brings a higher vibration
  • Treats depression and anxiety
  • Activates the heart chakra, and offers emotional alignment
  • Cools and calms down intense emotions 
  • Removes emotional toxicity