Healing Fluorite Rock Definition

Initially, fluorite was called fluorspar, which came from the Latin word for “flow”. Metallurgists and philologists said it was useful as a flux, to purify substances of impurities called slag.  

The mineral fluorite is generally used in smelting, in manufacturing and such. We also use fluoride in toothpaste and some water supplies, to prevent cholera and improve dental health. Hydrogen fluorides are used in glass and enamel manufacturing, with some, in particular, being used for microscope glass. In addition to being one of the most useful common minerals, it is also beautiful and perfect for removing your negative energy.

Fluorite Color

In addition to showing off fluorescence, or releasing light that has been absorbed, fluorite comes in a wide variety of colors. Technically the substance is colorless so that impurities make the substance colorful. It depends on the impurities and amount of radiation that the fluorite has seen.

Shades can range from green, yellow, purple and teal. Derbyshire Blue John fluorite is the rarest since it only occurs in England and has been mined for at least two centuries.

Fluorite Stone

Fluorite is a calcium fluoride mineral. It will occur in mine deposits with calcite and quartz and ranks 4 on the Mohs scale of hardness. You can also find the mineral in granite, dolomite, and limestone, due to the amount of pressure. 

Since the mineral is somewhat water-soluble, keep your jewelry dry or make sure it’s protected from moisture exposure.

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Fluorite Stone Benefits

Fluorite is great at enhancing the truth, consciousness, and self-acceptance. When you meditate with fluorite, you enhance creativity and reduce stress. Your mind will become as clear as the crystal. Purple fluorite can help with that part. 

Fluorite Stone Powers and Properties

Different colors can have different impacts on your health and psychic powers. You will increase your ability to have mystic visions, and connect with the spirit world. 

 In general, most specimens will enhance your third eye chakra and provide clarity.  Green fluorite will assist with your heart chakra, while blue fluorite helps with the throat pressure point.


Fluorite Price

Due to occurring practically everywhere on the globe, fluorite is highly affordable. As mentioned, the mineral is used in a number of manufacturing processes and the largest mines occupy South Africa, Mexico, Mongolia, Spain, Russia, and Namibia. 

Small specimens of unpolished fluorite can go for under fifty US dollars. Larger ones run the gamut of which are and aren’t valuable, with the most expensive running in the ten thousand dollar range. Jewelry will retail at a twenty-dollar minimum, and the number climbs up if you seek rarer specimens like Blue John.

Fluorite Healing Uses

When your cells need a break, you can rejuvenate them with fluorite crystal. You can get your hormones back in alignment, and treat pains from rheumatism or arthritis. Yellow fluorite will help remove toxins, which will become a great help.


Fluorite Jewelry

Fluorite is a versatile stone. With its perfect cleavage, you can have it in any shape, and just keep it out of the water. 

Wear your new piece today. Jeweled fluorite stimulates your mind, and create a sense of peace. 

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Quality Factor


Fluorite color is available in an array of colors. These hues include variations of multicolored tints: purple and green, or white and purple.



Several types of fluorite have a low refractive index, while others are either transparent or translucent.




Fluorite is cut into a variety of beautiful gemstones, ornamental objects, and cabochons.


Carat Weight

Fluorite is available in a wide range of sizes. Due to its brittleness, it is not recommended for jewelry adaptation.

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