Healing Smoky Quartz Definition

“Smokey quartz” is also known as “morion” in German, Danish, Polish, and Spanish. “Morion” comes from Pliny the Elder of Rome, a great explorer. A sacred and power crystal for the Druids and Celtics. smoky quartz was quite a popular crystal during Medieval times. The Scottish Royal dynasty used smoky quartz on the tip of the scepter.

Dr. John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I’s advisor, used a crystal smoky quartz ball for scrying during his divination sessions. Smoky quartz was quite the popular choice, during the 12th century for this activity. The Chinese made sunglasses out of smoky quartz. Meanwhile, the ancient Egyptians made figurines, beads, carvings, and ornamentation. 

The birthstone of Scorpio, the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac. The scorpion in the sky is associated with people who are highly imaginative and who channel their emotions. Therefore, smoky quartz is the birthstone for those born between October 23 to November 22.


Smoky Quartz Color

Smoky Quartz color is yellowish, graying-brown and deep black. It’s usually transparent to translucent. 

In some cases, this rock crystal formation color is laboratory irradiated. A way to figure out if the crystal was man irritated, is by holding up your crystal to the light. If the smoky quartz crystal is clear and translucent this means that it is safe to keep.

Smoky Quartz Stone

Smoky Quartz grows primarily in pegmatites, beautifully formed crystals often found in igneous cavities and metamorphic rocks. Smoky quartz level of hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale. This means it is quite durable. Smoky quartz typically forms at very low temperatures. 


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Smoky Quartz Benefits

Smoky quartz qualities are quite astonishing. Its grounding and neutralizing energy is the number one choice for your energy tool kit. Using smoky quartz for crystal healing purposes can help to activate, and purify your electromagnetic field. 

Rekindle your spiritual energy and being to manifest your dreams! Welcome emotional calmness into your life and relieve stress. Bring more clarity and relieve stress from your body and mind.

Attune to the radiant light and gentle energy, while detoxifying your physical and ethereal body on all levels. Balance your Base and Root Chakras, allowing for the healing power of this stone to flow permeate your body. Feel the electromagnetic frequency uplift and ground your body.

Smoky Quartz Powers and Properties

Are you feeling erratic, chaotic, overwhelmed, anxious, unease and stressed? This often happens when we are not grounded enough. Do you feel that you get caught up in your own heads space? When this often happens, it is best to give your auric field a kick start, to bring that balance and harmony. 

By connecting with the healing powers of smoky quartz,  you can recalibrate and redirect your vibration. One great exercise to bring more calmness, harmony and orderly into our lives is closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. 

Breathe deeply, center your mind, and remain present within the moment. Visualize a silver or golden light cord coming from your base chakra the spine, and connect it to Mother Earth. Practicing this 10-minute meditation can bring a soothing and grounding effect. 

The high vibrational stone is believed to work like charm. Not only will it bring serenity, neutralize, bring balance, but it will also bring financial success and successful decision making. 

Attune to the energy of smoky quartz and remove any obstacles that come your way!


Smoky Quartz Price

The price of smoky quartz differs depending on size and carats. Typical smoky quartz specimens can be purchased for as low as $3 in USD. Smoky quartz can cost anywhere from $1.45 per carat. 

Smoky Quartz Healing Uses

Smoky quartz is truly the neutralizer tool to keep your chakras on point. Its healing

neutralizes negative vibrations and detoxifies while stabilizing your physical body. 

In addition, smokey quartz protects against electromagnetic smog. It alleviates cramps, calms the nervous system and supports the heart. Relieve depression, fear, and anxiety while bringing emotional balance and a positive attitude into your life.


Smoky Quartz Jewelry

Smoky quartz makes a beautiful jewelry piece. Recalibrate your energy incorporating this stone into your life.

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Quality Factors


Smoky quartz can be found in yellow-brown, graying-brown and deep black.


Smoky quartz is cut into multiple shapes. These include rounds, ovals, cabochons, and points.

Carat Weight

Smoky quartz is available in multiple sizes. The stone can be adapted into beautiful jewelry pieces.

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