Healing Azurite Definition

Azurite was discovered in the 18th century. Ancient Chinese folks called it “stone of Heaven”. It is believed that this stone originated from the lost city of Atlantis, which is postulated to exist in the modern island of Santorini in Greece. 

The Greek and Roman civilizations believed that the healing powers were quite powerful. During the Renaissance, Azurite was used as pigment for oil paintings and to dye textiles. 

In the zodiac, azurite is associated with Aquarius and Sagittarius. This can be great jewelry addition for your loved one since it supports the third eye and throat chakra. The stone is also associated with spiritual awakening and creates a sense of groundedness.


Azurite Color

Azurite is known for its vibrant distinctive deep blue and violet-indigo hues. Avoid exposing the stone in the sunlight because it can lead to fading the color. Azurite is mostly opaque and translucent, so you can appreciate the dazzling hues.

Azurite Stone

Azurite stone has a level of hardness of 3.5 to 4.0 on the Mohs scale. The stone can be quite brittle, especially in the open air, and it’s very rarely used for jewelry pieces. Azurite is commonly used for ornaments and carvings. It’s also sensitive to heat, so it requires precise processes for mounting. 


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Azurite Benefits

Azurite benefits are quite mesmerizing. Are you looking to focus on your career path? This stone enhances a person’s intellect. 

Increase productivity at work by placing a stone in strategic places in your office. Doing this will provide a constant flow of energy and significantly enhance your level of concentration.  

Azurite can strengthen your third eye and throat chakra. Create a morning ritual and see how you can unleash the powers of this magical stone.

Azurite Powers and Properties

The metaphysical powers of this stone are believed to open up the celestial realm. Native Americans use the stone to channel spirit guides. Azurite can be a resourceful tool for those looking to tap into the ethereal realm and enhance psychic abilities. 

Seeking for inner wisdom and spirituality? Azurite can help you deepen your connection with your higher-being and elevate your vibrational frequency to a higher level by meditating with the stone on a daily basis.

Azurite Price

Azurite value can be quite an affordable stone, depending on the stone that you try to find. This stone can be found in Australia, France, Chile, Russia, and the USA. 

You may find azurite jewelry mixed with green malachite due to their chemical similarities. Gems with the deep blue color are the most valuable, although rare faceted azurite is more valuable by default. Even so, you can find jewelry that costs as little as ten dollars, provided you avoid gems labeled “rare”.

Azurite Healing Uses

Azurite is known to open up your mind and awakens your spiritual awareness. Its healing powers are truly exceptional. Treat a variety of conditions such as arthritis or thyroid issues. Increases oxygenation in the blood, heal emotional traumas and fortify joints and bones. You’ll be able to walk with a lighter heart and the blood flowing with energy. 

Azurite Jewelry

The stone can be cut into oval shapes, cabochons, beads, and ornaments. Since the stone is too brittle it’s not preferable for jewelry adaptation. Even so, you can find beautiful pieces, if you know where to look. Make sure to store your stones at room temperature. 

Azurite can make a beautiful beaded necklace, bracelet, or ring. Try one of our healing stones today! 

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Quality Factor


Azurite color is distinctive for its deep blue to violet-blue hues.


Azurite clarity is often opaque. When cut and polished it reveals a beautiful deep blue gleaming luster.



Azurite is generally cut into a variety of shapes including cabochons, faceted gems and ornamental objects.


Carat Weight

Azurite is available in a variation of sizes. Azurite, however, is difficult to facet due to its brittleness. This often limits its use in jewelry.

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