Healing Apatite Definition

Apatite was discovered in 1786 by a German geologist Abraham Gottlob Wener. The name comes from the Greek word “Apate” which means “to deceive”. It became a fitting name because apatite is often mistaken for tourmaline stone. Furthermore, this stone is considered one of the most important semi-precious stones in the world. 

Apatite is the birthstone zodiac sign of Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. It is used for those born around the spring or vernal equinox, at the beginning of the year.


Apatite Color

Apatite has a variety of colors such as green, yellow, brown, pink, blue and purple. The color is also known for being quite vivid which makes for great jewelry pieces. Because this stone is too brittle it has to be properly cut. 

Avoid exposing the stone in the sunlight it can lead to fading colors. Apatite may vary between opaque and translucent depending on the stone.

Apatite Stone

Apatite stone has a level of hardness of 5 on the Mohs scale.  The stone is very fragile and it can lose its luster when is not handled properly. Apatite contains calcium phosphate mineral found in the bones and teeth. Many animals and humans are composed of this mineral. 

For this reason, this stone can be faceted cut and adapted into multiple jewelry pieces. Apatite has a component of phosphorus which is typically used as a fertilizer. 

Apatite is generally found in small sizes. Thus they are excellent for embedding into a variety of jewelry styles. 


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Apatite Benefits

Apatite has a variety of benefits depending on the color of the stones. In general, this stone is 

A great appetite suppressor, strengthens people experiencing weakness and fatigue and it can clear away confusion. 

Considering of improving your current emotional state? Apatite can strengthen your self-confidence, enhance and awakens creativity. Wearing a bracelet or necklace can help clear the path for negativity and overcome self-consciousness.

Apatite Powers and Properties

If you are experiencing any chakra blockages you can follow these recommendations to balance your energy points. Starting by yellow apatite is a stone that can target the solar plexus the third chakra which is located in rib cage 2” above your belly button. 

This chakra represents confidence and personal power. When this chakra is unbalanced people tend to be more judgemental towards others and themselves and also tend to bully others. Practicing meditation on a daily basis while placing a stone on the solar plexus chakra, can help unblock this energy point. 

Green Apatite stone targets the heart chakra, this stone is the chakra that balances all the other chakras, this chakra is located in the breast bone. When this energy point is unbalanced all the other chakras can be affected. 

The heart chakra represents love and relationships. Signs of this chakra being unbalanced can be feeling extremely sad, experiencing relationship difficulties, feeling inferior, lack of self-love and self-discipline. Meditating and envisioning a green light emitting from your heart chakra can help restore and activate this energy point.  

Blue Apatite stone targets the throat chakra. This is one of the most important chakras since it honors communication. When this chakra becomes unbalanced, it inhibits you to speak the truth. People tend to whisper, act shy and lack confidence. 

Place a blue apatite stone on your throat chakra set an intention and repeat this affirmation: “ I communicate with confidence” ,” I love and accept myself as I am”, “I speak loving thoughts”, “My voice is important and this is why I speak the truth and always communicate clearly and concisely”.

Purple apatite will settle crown chakra. This pressure point is located on top of the head and represents the connection of the spirit in the universe. When this chakra becomes unbalanced one may experience depression, chronic headaches, memory loss, or mental disorder. You may become attached to materialistic things or lose your spirituality as a result. 

You may unblock the crown chakra by, spending more time in nature. Walking barefoot on the grass or meditating outdoors can help. Focus on your crown chakra and it is also recommended to fast every so often to open up the crown chakra.


Apatite Price

Apatite price can be quite an affordable stone with the exception of the blue Brazilian Apatite. The blue and green stones are valued at a much higher cost. 

You can find the gemstone in Russia, Canada, East Africa, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Burma and Mexico. This means it is very widespread and for the most part affordable.

Apatite Healing Uses

Apatite is truly one of the most efficient stones when trying to lose weight and suppress your appetite. Reduce stress, increase productivity, increase new cell production, heals bones and teeth, repairs cartilage, supports the joints, arthritis, helps with dizziness and vertigo.


Apatite Jewelry

Many apatite stones are cut into a variety of styles: round, oval, emerald cut, heart shape, and cushions. When experts cut them adequately, they may become stunning jewelry pieces. 

Apatite can make a beautiful statement necklace. Try one of our healing stones today! 

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Quality Factor


The apatite color is greenish-yellow, brown, blue, purple, pink, and colorless.




Many apatite stones have high clarity with little to no visible flaws. Cat’s eyes may be translucent.



Apatite is cut into a variety of standard calibrated shapes, faceted gemstones, rounds, and ovals.


Carat Weight

Apatite is available in a wide selection of unique jewelry styles.


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Blue Apatite Stone Raw

Crystals & Stones

$8.00 – $15.00


Blue Apatite derives the Greek word “apatao” which means “to deceive”. It’s a highly spiritual crystal with wonderful cleansing properties  The apatite stone is found in Madagascar, Brazil, Russia, and India. Blue Apatite is a highly spiritual crystal that cleanses the mind, body, and spirit. This stone will stimulate physic abilities, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and telepathy. Blue Apatite activates the throat chakra and the third eye. It will stimulate lucid dreaming, astral travel and shamanic journey. 

Use this excellent stone for weight loss support and raising metabolic rate with powerful healing benefits for the body and organs. Blue Apatite has a vibrational effect on the aura with its ability to access higher realms, Akashic records, past lives, and astral travel. Its overall effects on the body are astonishing, it encourages regeneration of cell growth, aids in calcium absorption. The absorption heals the teeth, bones and supports the joints. 



This stone is great for the following reasons: 

  • Nurtures the intellect, expands cosmic awareness, knowledge, and truth
  • Stimulates physic abilities and clairvoyance
  • Decreased energy depletion
  • Develops motor skills and stability
  • Opens the third eye chakra and throat chakra
  • Assists you with lucid dreams and astral travel
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