Jasper Stone Definition

The name “Jasper” means “speckled stone” and has French as well as Latin origins. Older civilizations favored green jasper, although other varieties were used. While historically they also included chrysoprase and nephrite as jasper stones, these days jasper is categorized as “opaque quartz”.

In addition to being a popular gem in ancient times, jasper was also used for making bow drills and Greek seals on the island of Crete. Its hardness makes it rather versatile and useful for other purposes. Red Jasper is associated with Taurus on the zodiac, the bull in the sky.

Jasper Stone Definition
Jasper Stones
Pieces of jasper Stone

Jasper Color

Mineral diffusions will determine what type of color your jasper stone will have. A green jasper with red spots is also called bloodstone. You can also get red, yellow, ocean-blue, and brown. Stones with patterns can include orbicular, poppy, leopardskin, landscape

Jasper is generally opaque and the luster ranges from waxy to dull, depending on its cut. Picture stones, or stones that seem to reflect the area of its origin, are favored. These can include stones with likenesses of blue skies.

Jasper Stone

Jasper Stone

Jasper is a type of quartz, specifically one specimen of chalcedony. It tends to have dendritic growth and distribution of minerals, meaning its structure branches. You can often find them in banded silica formations.

It ranks 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes the stone fairly hardy and durable for jewelry. The New England variety comes from flint, an igneous rock. You don’t have to worry about fire hazards, as long as you don’t try to ignite sparks.

Red Jasper Stones

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Natural Jasper Stone
Tumbled Red Jasper

Jasper Stone Benefits

Jasper is a stone that restores strength and vitality. When your life force feels like it is draining from everyday stress, it provides a grounding element as a protective stone.

Jasper Stone

Jasper Stone Powers and Properties

Red jasper assists with the base chakra. You can dispel negative energies and replace them with calming ones to ground you. Improve your vitality and protect yourself easily. Prevent electromagnetic radiation and environmental pollution by wearing it.

Jasper Stone Statue
Jasper Stone Special Color

Jasper Price

Jasper is fortunately common, but some specific types have a rather rarer distribution than other gems. This is due to the fact that the speckled patterns assure that no two good stones are necessarily going to be the same and the varieties change based on region. In some cases, mining has reduced the availability of blue jasper from Colorado.

Expect to pay $2 to $5 US currency minimum per carat. Some shops will sell stones for #5 and under, so you don’t have to pay as much. You’ll have to pay more for Imperial Jasper from Japan or stones from Madagascar.

Healing Jasper Stone

Jasper Healing Uses

If you suffer from hemorrhoids or anemia, then jasper can help relieve both. You can ease the exhaustion that ensues from both conditions and ensure that your metabolism is stable.

Jasper can also assist with emotional healing. You can use it to clear your mind and implement grounding energy.

Jasper Jewelry

In addition to being beautiful with its speckled qualities, jasper makes for beautiful jewelry. Wear this grounding stone around your neck.

Enjoy the healing properties of this stone and protect yourself from draining influences. You won’t regret it!

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Obsidian is usually a dark color, usually black, green or brown. In the case of Snowflake obsidian, you may have swirls of white while the Rainbow and Peacock varieties have a spectrum of colors within the stone. You can identify obsidian by its luster, which is glasslike.


Polished obsidian has a reflective surface that bends any light. It has no crystals usually, so expect to see a pristine stone. In some cases, they are even used as spiritual mirrors


Obsidian is a brittle stone; it is usually presented as completely polished, with the edges rounded. If it is not polished, then it runs the risk of getting damaged.


Due to its ubiquitous qualities, you can get obsidian in a number of sizes. You can see out tiny teardrops for earrings, or larger pendants for necklaces.

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