Healing Black Tourmaline Definition

Black tourmaline is by far one of the most essential stones you should have in your gem collection. Tourmaline is derived from the Sri Lankan region, an island off the coast of India. 

The name comes from the term “thoramalli” or the Sinhalese word “turmali” for yellow zircon. All Sri Lankan colored stones carried this term. As the years passed, tourmaline retained the name as artisans used to discern the stone from other types, like padparadscha sapphire. 

Ancient magicians would use black tourmaline to shield them from any evil entities and negative energies. In the zodiac, black tourmaline is associated with the constellation Libra or the divine scales. People born during the months of September 23rd through October 23rd are Libras. Tourmaline can assist Libra by strengthening and neutralizing any negative blockages.

Black Tourmaline Color

Aside from tourmaline being found in black, there are a variety of hues ranging from green, red, pink and watermelon. Schorl and dravite specimens share the black color. Heat treatment can also change colors.

The stone is composed of elbaites, sodium, lithium, aluminum, and some cooper. This typically occurs in mines that contain pegmatites. Pegmatites are a crystalline granite. 

Often these igneous rocks contain the formation of crystals interlocked. These crystals are larger than 2.5 cm, due to its rare formation pegmatites hold different tourmaline crystals pocketed within the rock.

Black Tourmaline Stone

Black Tourmaline contains pegmatites is a crystalline granite. The granite is igneous rock, meaning it comes from a volcano. That means it contains a formation of interlocked crystals. These crystals are larger than 2.5 cm, due to its rare formation pegmatites have different tourmaline crystals pocketed within the rock. 

Oh the Mohs scale, tourmaline ranks at 7-7.5. Even with this high ranking, the stone labeled as “brittle”. Artisans have to be careful when working with it.

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Black Tourmaline Stone Benefits

Black tourmaline will support you in times of stress. Black is a color that absorbs all others. Similarly, the schorl and dravite will also absorb the negative energies in your life and provide psychic protection. 

In addition, black tourmaline encourages positive auras and attitudes. Brighten your day and outlook on wearing one with a tourmaline case.


Black Tourmaline Stone Powers and Properties

Black tourmaline is known for being a powerful, protective stone. It also serves as a purifier for your home or designated space, absorbing negativity. That way you can cleanse the air and replace the toxic vibes weighing you down with positive energy. Place the stone in a bowl of water to get the best effect. 

In addition to negative energies, black tourmaline will absorb electromagnetic smog. You won’t have to worry about such hazardous waves. Use sage to recharge your healing crystals.

Black Tourmaline Price

At least ten countries mine tourmaline. They include Tanzania, the United States, Brazil, and yes, Sri Lanka. That means you can find it readily available. 

Schorl is one of the most common forms of tourmaline. As a result, the stone is quite affordable. Tumbled loose stones can cost under ten dollars, while finished jewelry can fit into any budget. You also don’t have to worry about rarity.

Black Tourmaline Healing Uses

Do you have a lot of stress in your life? Constant adrenal fatigue? Sickness from said stress and fatigue wearing you down by the day? Black tourmaline can help with that. You can relieve stress and exhaustion.

Strengthen your immune system by wearing a black tourmaline crystal. Keep your teeth healthy between dental visits, and improve your sleep by wrapping in silk.


Black Tourmaline Jewelry

Black tourmaline carves well and can turn into your good luck signature piece. The chakra stone will protect your pressure points, and make you look fashionable. 

Purchase a black tourmaline necklace, ring or bracelet. Cleanse, purify and transform your life easily.

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Quality Factor


Tourmaline shades include black, bluish-black, deep brown, yellow, green and pink.


Black tourmaline generally is opaque. However, most colored tourmalines are highly transparent. Inclusions are often more visible in gems with lighter hues and low saturation.



Black tourmaline is available in a wide range of cuts in calibrated-faceted shapes, including rounds and ovals.

Carat Weight

For jewelry, black tourmaline comes in a variety of sizes. It can be adapted into a variety of beautiful necklaces, rings, and earrings.


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