Healing Carnelian Rock Definition

Carnelian comes from the phrase “cornelian,” which refers to the cornel cherry. Cornel cherries are bright red or yellow, making them physically similar in color to the gemstone.  We can date usage of cornelian for jewelry back to the fifth century BC, due to archaeological finds. The Romans used the gemstone for wax seals since the hot wax would not adhere to the chalcedony form. 

Other names for cornelian include canary stone, cornelian, Mecca stone, and corneol. The gem was often used for aesthetic and practical purposes. In the zodiac, carnelian can service those with the signs for Taurus the bull, Cancer the crab, Leo the lion, and Virgo the fertility goddess.

Carnelian Color

When you get a carnelian stone, you get a reddish-brown tint that may remind one of rust or sunset. In fact, the stone was named for its color in 1899.  You can also get lighter shades of pale orange with the brownish red, depending on the number of iron impurities.

Carnelian Stone

Carnelian is a form of chalcedony, with the other colorful form being sard. It ranks 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale but splinters easily.  Iron within the gem will determine the color so that you know if you’re getting more red than orange.

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Carnelian Stone Benefits

Carnelian restores a person’s vitality and provides high energy. Improve your analytical skills and perception as well by wearing the red gemstone. In addition, you will calm your mind against anger or envy. You will also have greater pragmatism and self-preservation, which are also important skills.


Carnelian Stone Powers and Properties

When you want to align your pressure points, the carnelian stone assists with the sacral chakra, as well as the base. 

The base chakra is associated with the spine, passion, and stability. All these aspects are important because our spine determines our mobility. Ground your mind while making sure that your teeth are in good health.


Carnelian Price

Carnelian has a fairly wide distribution. You can find the gem in the United States, Germany, Botswana, Australia, France, and still other places. South Africa has four mines alone, while more than a dozen occur in the United States. The price comes from the fragility of the gemstone and how much work it takes to cut. 

If buying loose carnelian, the size will determine how much you will pay. Tiny parcels can retail for under fifty dollars, but each stone is much smaller than the palm of a human hand. Twenty-five milligrams of Carnelian can be sold for three dollars, while jewelry can cost up to twenty dollars. Prepare to pay a penny for the red-brown.

Carnelian Healing Uses

Do you have back problems? Rheumatism or arthritis? Are you worried that your kidneys may fail you someday? Carnelian can help with all of these issues. They will also assist you with vitamin and mineral absorption.


Carnelian Jewelry

Somedays red is your color so that you can dispel the envy rage in your life and look stylish. A healing crystal can make your wardrobe look phenomenal. 

Look good with a red or orange carnelian accouterment today. Purchase that necklace or bracelet that you want.

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Quality Factor


The carnelian color is strong reddish-brown, red or orange-brown.


Most carnelian clarity ranges from opaque, translucent, or transparent.


Carnelian is cut into a variety of shapes, including polished cabochons, beads, and ovals.


Carat Weight

Carnelian is available in a variety of styles ranging from simple, conservative to opulent jewelry pieces.


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