Healing Ruby Definition

In Latin, the word that describes the color red is “ruber,” and this is the word that “ruby” derives from. Despite our best efforts to make our lives a holistic experience, we always tend to separate them into different areas or compartments. For example, we tend to separate work and romance, but we still want to thrive in all areas, and this is the meaning of ruby. This is a passionate stone that invites us to thrive.

Rubies are similar to diamonds and sapphire stones in the sense that they are cardinal gems, meaning that their status as precious stones was established centuries ago. The privileged status of ruby as a precious stone means that we get to learn about them through jewelry, but there is an entire spiritual side to this gemstone.


Ruby Color

Ruby red is a color on its own, but there are also pink variations that are exquisitely feminine. Some specimens are even lacking in color and appear transparent. The shades of red also very, from light to deep crimson. They can even change color in some cases, displaying a cat’s eye effect.

In terms of luster, ruby can be vitreous or pearly. It may diffract light the way that glass does in the case of vitreous, and sparkle like transparent layers of mother-of-pearl. Some even are subadamantine, meaning they reflect light like diamonds.

Ruby Stone

Rubies are corundum stones; geologically speaking, they are sapphires, but they are magenta instead of cyan. They rank at 9.0 on the Mohs hardness scale; only diamonds and moissanite are even stronger.

In some cases, rubies may have needle-shaped rutile inclusions. These occur naturally in the gemstones, and their absent notifies collectors if a specimen has been heat-treated. Untreated rubies show more imperfections.


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Ruby Benefits

Ruby is the stone of courage. It’s a stone to wear when you want to project bravery into your deeds, and invite love into your life. They also harness the power of the sun, the giver of life.

Red corundum stones have aesthetic, financial, and spiritual benefits. Rubies not only look great but also tend to hold their value pretty well; moreover, they are energy tools that can help you channel your inner passion.

Ruby Powers and Properties

This is a heart stone that can help protect the passion held in your heart. In ancient times, builders would place rubies in the foundation of palatial structures and temples for spiritual protection. Military officers would adorn their armor with rubies, particularly on chest plates worn close to their hearts.

In addition, rubies can be used for scrying and soothsaying. They can help you foresee potential obstacles and provide insight into dispelling them. Know when danger is approaching, and how to handle it.


Ruby Price

Traditionally, rubies have been mined in the Far East and Southwest Asia, but quite a few deposits have been found in the Americas, Europe, and Australia. All rubies are beautiful, but those mined in Myanmar are exotic to the point of looking magical. 

Even though they are in the cardinal family of gemstones, rubies tend to be more affordable than diamonds and sapphires. Pricing will depend on the cut and the color; collectors value pigeon-blood specimens the most. The more expensive clear cuts can retail for up to $50,000 per carat.

Ruby Healing Uses

This stone is mainly used to activate the primary chakra, which means that it can help you feel better when you are trying to improve your cardiac and circulatory health through meditation. It stimulates blood flow as well as the adrenal glands.  

Pregnant women also use rubies as energy tools to improve their emotional well-being. Reduce fatigue during the day while wearing one, as well as hyperactivity. Treat fevers as well in the time of sickness and strengthen your spleen. Detox your body while cleaning our your liver.


Ruby Jewelry

After diamonds, rubies are the most requested stone for engagement rings, heirlooms, earrings, and necklace pendants. They symbolize passion and love and are reflected as such in jewelry arrangements.

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Quality Factors



Rubies reflect their quality in terms of color. The gemstones that are closer to purple tend to be of higher quality.


This stone tends to be capricious in terms of clarity, meaning that it can range from opaque to transparent. Interestingly, transparent rubies will let light pass through them even if they have inclusions.



Jewelers love working with rubies because they are perfect for the round cut, which will put numerous facets on the surface. Heart-shaped cuts are very popular, and the same goes for the cushion cut.

Carat Weight


A rough-cut ruby can weigh up to 278.50 carats. Traditional cuts lower the weight down to 11.55 carats.

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This stone is great for the following:

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