Healing Hematite Definition

Hematite imbues the meaning of balance and is known as the harmony stone. It brings many metaphysical attributes into your life as a grounding stone that keeps negativity away from you and can prevent evil energies from touching you.


Hematite Color

Hematite is a grey, silver and red colored crystal. Hematite has a long history of being used as a pigment since it’s a supra-important ore of iron. Despite its association with blood and the color red, hematite’s color can range from black and metallic gray to brownish red in thin slivers or crystals.

Hematite Stone

As a gemstone, this stone is often carved but very rarely faceted. Its shape is hexagonal and the crystals come in a wide variety of forms, often lustrous or tarnished. Since they are available as in very large, solid pieces, hematite is good for cutting beads, cabs, etc. of any desired size.


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Hematite Benefits

Hematite is said to bring about courage, success, and calmness. 

  • Courage: Hematite ring is a sign of courage. It instills you with inspiration and passion by working on your physical, emotional and spiritual strength. It enhances your blood circulation to make you feel strong so those with blood conditions such as anemia or suffering from chronic fatigue will find speedy cures with hematite.
  • Success and Winning: Wearing hematite will attract wisdom into your life and gainful opportunities will open up in your career. You will be confident in your decision making and see your career or academics excel.
  • Calmness: If you find it difficult to calm down in stressful situations, wearing hematite will bring you relaxation and calmness by grounding away your negative thoughts. Hematite is ideal for positivity and good thoughts as it stops negative self-talk too.

Hematite Powers and Properties

Hematite is used for luck and prosperity by penetrating your aura and making it brighter. It does so by repelling the negative energies away from touching you or your aura.


Hematite Price

The price of Hematite Crystal varies depending on the form you get the stone. If you decide to get this crystal in the form of an anklet or bracelet so that you always have it with you could find yourself investing $15-$20 USD. On the other hand, if you opt for the stone in its raw and most pure form you could end up spending $3 on average for an individual piece and around $12 for a handful.

Hematite Healing Uses

As a root chakra enabling stone, wearing hematite connects you to Mother Gaia. Root chakras stabilize your body and mind. Another little known power of hematite is how it grounds your pain away. All your negative vibrations will be ejected into the earth and Mother Gaia will take care of you. When you’re burdened with stress, tension or worry, a hematite ring can help you. It is a gemstone ring for removing your negative thoughts.


Hematite Jewelry

Wearing hematite has many benefits for men as well as women. From changing your aura color to attracting wisdom and good fortune towards you, hematite can do a lot for you.

For jewelry purposes, gem cutters often make cameos, intaglios, carvings, beads, or cabochons from hematite. Occasionally, gem enthusiasts want opaque, sub-metallic gems faceted like marcasite, with flat bases and few facets.

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Quality Factor


Hematite occurs in a variety of hues ranging from green, bluish-green and greenish-blue.


Hematite generally displays an opaque appearance.



Hematite is typically cut into cabochon, rounds, ovals and carved into ornamental objects. 


Carat Weight

Many hematite specimens are often quite large. Due to its hardiness, hematite is ideal for male jewelry. 


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