Healing Selenite Stone Definition

The word “Selenite” comes from the name for the ancient Greek moon goddess, Selene. The name derives from how selenite resembles the radiant moon.  In the ancient world, it was believed that crystalline and pearly iridescence stones would wax and wane with the lunar cycles.  

Selenite stone is the birthstone for the Zodiac sign Taurus. People born between April 20 and March 20 can benefit from this high vibrational stone. 



Selenite Color

Selenite stones come in a few colors, with a vitreous or glass-like luster. White is the predominant hue, but selenite can be found in yellow, green, blue, brownish-yellow, gray-green, orange, and gray. Selenite can be distinguished by its emitting soft, white shimmery light.

Selenite Stone

In general, selenite is quite a fragile stone, with a delicate soft texture. It ranks at 2 on the Mohs scale, which means it has brittle qualities. 

Selenite is a crystalline form of gypsum. Due to its compact fibrosity, it generates a translucent gleaming appearance. Selenite is closely related to Desert Rose, Satin Spar, and Gypsum Flower, other crystalline varieties. They are distinguished for opaque fibers forming a variety of shapes.

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Selenite Benefits

When you are going through turbulent times, keep a selenite crystal handy. Its soothing and calming vibration stabilizes erratic emotions and brings awareness to the mind. The powerful energy of selenite can restore your inner peace, and create a harmonized, balanced life. Moreover, the stone is purifying and it can be used to cleanse your aura and your crystals. 


Create a protective grid around your home by placing a selenite crystal at every window. When seeking spiritual guidance or wisdom, the powerful vibration of Selenite can deepen your telepathic ability. These will help unblock any mental blockages.

Selenite Powers and Properties

Selenite is associated with the third eye and crown chakra. The magnetic frequency of this stone opens and clears all the higher chakras. 


Selenite can help you deepen your spiritual connection to the angelic realm and facilitate the connection with one’s higher consciousness. Its powerful healing properties can increase mental clarity, strengthen your memory, release physical stress, dispel negative energies and clear energy blockages.


Selenite Price

Selenite is a common stone and it’s quite an abundant crystal. However, good quality crystals are very rare and their price is higher. 


Most of the Selenite crystals are sourced from the “caves of swords” in Mexico. Selenite can also be found in Morocco and Madagascar. Certain selenite crystals can retail for $.29 or $.39 per ounce, while sticks that are twelve inches long can cost $4.99 per pair. Large specimens from luxury brands can cost as much as $450.

Selenite Healing Uses

Selenite can help heal your body from any physical energy blockage. It can aid with headaches, promote mental clarity, help repair your cells from free radicals. In addition, it can help release tension from the spine.

Selenite Jewelry


Selenite makes lovely pendant pieces or beaded bracelets. However, due to its fragility, it’s extremely challenging to cut this mineral into faceted cuts. When you wear selenite jewelry, you are creating a protective shield and balancing your auric field. Bring more clarity into your life, purchase a selenite crystal today!

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Quality Factor


Standard selenite is white, but it can be found in an array of colors. These include orange-red, green, gray, brown-green, brownish-yellow, greenish-gray and gray-white. Some specimens are even colorless.


Typically, selenite’s clarity varies between transparent to opaque.


It is quite challenging to cut Selenite into faceted shapes, due to its brittleness and fragility. Therefore, it can be mounted into a necklace pendant or bracelet beads.

Carat Weight

Due to its poor hardness, you have limited shape options for selenite. Smaller sizes are more ideal when setting into jewelry.

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