Healing Aragonite Rock Definition

Aragonite gets its name from the Castile region in Spain, from Molina de Aragón. The stone was and is often found in gypsum deposits, as well as Maris. While not an official birthstone, aragonite is associated with Capricorn on the Zodiac.

Aragonite Color

You can get aragonite in various colors; in addition to light grey, you can get White, red, yellow, orange, green, purple, grey, blue and brown

Aragonite Stone

Aragonite is a form of calcium carbonate that comes from mollusks, invertebrates like crabs, clams, and octopi. You can also find forms of it in coral reefs, which makes it necessary for ocean conservation. Wearing one means that you carry a piece of the sea with you. After fossilizing, the carbonate becomes calcite, which is what we see in remnants of prehistoric sea life. 

The stone is rather soft, owing to coming from mollusk shells rather than igneous or metamorphic processes. It ranks 3.5-4 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it rather soft. Even so, it can remove pollutants from coral reefs, encouraging conservation. Do not expose to intense heat, and take care not to jostle it too much. 

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Aragonite Stone Benefits

When you want to relieve stress, wear some aragonite. You can gain some clarity, and perspective on your life. Aragonite also assists in connecting to the Earth, in part due to its natural origins. 

Aragonite Stone Powers and Properties

Aragonite is a stabilizing stone. It acts to increase the presence of truth and emotional stability, by connecting with your base chakra. You can also enhance your spiritual pursuits while wearing one. 

What’s more, you can wear aragonite to shed unwanted attachments in the present. When we are tethered to technology and entertainment, aragonite reminds us of the light and energy in the natural world. Renewing our connection to nature helps aid our spiritual growth. 


Aragonite Price

Spain, France, and Morocco are countries with large amounts of aragonite. You can also find deposits in Slovakia, the United States, and the Bahamas. Slovakia even has an aragonite cave as a tourist attraction.

With that said, despite availability some forms of aragonite are more expensive than others, due to the fragility of the stone. You can get the simplest crystalline structures for about 5 dollars a gram in US currency. Faceted gems are the rarest, with some retailing for hundreds of dollars. 

Aragonite Healing Uses

Relieve your aches and pains when wearing some aragonite. Since a good portion of stress can cause our ailments, an aragonite jewel can relax your body by taking away the stress. You won’t twitch or spasm in your sleep. 

You can also heal vitamin A and A deficiencies. In addition to taking supplements, aragonite wear encourages flow of these vitamins and other elements.  

Aragonite Jewelry

Due to aragonite being so soft, a wearer has to take care when having a special necklace or bracelet. Always store separately from other jewels. 

With that said, wearing healing crystal-like aragonite will help you out in times of stress and help encourage ocean conservation. We encourage you to get a necklace to reduce your geopathic stress.

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Alexandrite color displays a variety range of hues changing effect dependent upon the type of lighting condition.


An alexandrite with good clarity may display a dull color changing effect. 


Alexandrite is typically cut into a variety of mixed cuts, including brilliant-cut, step-cut pavilions, oval cut, cabochons, triangular facets and brilliant-cut crowns.


Larger alexandrite that is two carats in weight can significantly  be more expensive and rare than a diamond. 

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