Healing Onyx Definition

Onyx is a layered form of chalcedony that differs from other forms in the color of its bands. It’s trigonal crystalline structure gives it a glass-like look that’s truly remarkable.

Since it’s associated with the color of the night sky, onyx has taken on a reputation as a dreamy stone that evokes connotations of personal power. The crystal represents change. As it’s become associated in turn with restfulness, people ended up thinking of onyx as representative of overcoming nightmares and by extension all fears.


Onyx Color

While the name refers to several different types of minerals, true onyx comes in both red and black varieties. They often have bands of milky white minerals running throughout.

Onyx Stone

Cosmetic grade onyx is soft enough to be carved, and in fact, the stone has been cut into beads and miniature sculptures for centuries. Cameo engravings were also made featuring it as a result of its unique properties.


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Onyx Benefits

Onyx invites happiness into the wearer’s life. It also ushers in good fortune, to provide more luck to the person meditation with it. The stone protects you from the world’s miseries and bad fortunes.

Serious practitioners of meditation have relied on the dark and brooding properties inherent in onyx’s color and overall texture. The stone absorbs negative energies to allow you to improve your outlook on life. It gives them something to focus on while exploring inner thoughts and revealing otherwise hidden beliefs that they might not have otherwise known about themselves. During meditation, onyx can help a person assess their current situation.

Onyx Powers and Properties

Over time, onyx has developed a reputation for having a certain type of energy field that other bodies will start to align with whenever they come into contact with it. Those who plan on taking shamanic journeys have sometimes looked to it in order to provide intuitive guidance and strong innate advice.

You can also control your dreaming when meditating with onyx. Rest with it by your bedside before drifting off to sleep. You can enhance your lucid dreaming and gain more control over the unconscious.

You will also balance your auras when meditating with oryx. Its bands symbolize the yin and yang within our souls. When you have a balance in life, you can make clearer decisions and face obstacles. Stimulate your base chakras to this end.


Onyx Price

A great deal of onyx on the market has been slightly altered to make it appear more vibrantly colored. That being said, even true genuine unadulterated onyx like you’ll find here is generally reasonably priced and that’s also helped to make it popular with collectors.

Onyx Healing Uses

If you are constantly exhausted, onyx can help strengthen your stamina. It can also assist with tooth health and foot pain. Wear to stave off long-term aches, and to treat bone marrow disorders. 

Those who deal with inner fears or a sense of uneasiness have looked to onyx, perhaps because of its association with overcoming nightmares and finding your way through the darkness. It will also increase your confidence in life. 


Onyx Jewelry

Broaches and small cameos have long been carved from onyx, but the stone is also a popular choice for those who want to mount semiprecious gems into a metallic setting. The stone looks quite striking in either case.

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Quality Factors


While you might think of onyx as solely black, it generally contains a variety of bands in other colors. Sardonyx features sard colored bands that feature a variety of shades of red.


An unadulterated onyx stone should be almost completely opaque to the naked eye.


Generally, onyx pieces aren’t cut into facets the way you might expect from rubies and sapphires. Rather, they receive multiple treatments with a tumbler to give them a certain gloss. Faceted cut onyx stones are quickly becoming popular in ring settings and necklaces, however.

Carat Weight

Due to its relative affordability, onyx can come in carat weights that are quite large compared to most other stones.

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Onyx Beaded Bracelet

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Wear Onyx Beaded Bracelet as a personal amulet for protection. Deflect negative energy, physical harm, negative thoughts, and energy vampires. For physical strength and motivation, onyx is great to wear on a daily basis. It is a great grounding stone that helps boost self-confidence and passion. 

Whenever one is seeking inner wisdom and intuitive powers, onyx is an excellent stone to facilitate psychic abilities, such as scrying and enhancing spiritual vision. It is the stone of virtue which attracts good fortune and friendship. Onyx is particularly empowering when it attunes to lunar energies. 

Onyx is beneficial for the following reasons: 

  • Strengthens the character
  • Relieves headaches and pain
  • Amplifies physic abilities and spiritual work
  • Promotes tranquility and balance 
  • Stimulates vigor and stamina
  • Aligns with the energy of the moon
  • Releases old behavioral patterns that no longer serve us
  • Encourages grounding and strength
  • Brings balance, self-control, and protection
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