Healing Barite Rock Definition

Barite comes from the Greek word “barús” for heavy.  Another name for it is baryte, and other terms include tiff, barytine, blanc fixe, and heavy spars. In short, it’s quite well-known and commonplace and you can find it in multiple limestone, gypsum or hematite deposits. You can even find barite in hot springs. 


Alchemists from the Middle Ages would take note of specimens that were phosphorescent, or that would glow under certain conditions. More often, you’ll see barite used for industrial purposes owing to their chemical properties. You will find it in paints, plastic, automobile finishes, and oil drilling operations.    

Barite Color

Barite tends to be colorless or white. It can also come in yellow, blue-green and grey.  You can even get green and brown specimens.

Some white barites fluoresce under ultraviolet light. These have white, green and pink tints. Other times they fluoresce when exposed to heat. 

Barite Stone

The term “barite” derives from how the stone is a form of barium sulfate. It’s technically an inorganic compound and molecule and carries a high density. With that said, barite is still a viable healing crystal. A standard stone contains about 50 carats worth of barite. 

Barite is a soft element. It ranks 3-3.5 on the Mohs hardness scale which makes it very soft. These qualities make barite very brittle and hard to facet. 

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Barite Stone Benefits

Barite activates higher energy within your person. The stone has high-frequency energy for receiving signals from the spiritual world. 

You will also find an inner light filling you. If you need to remember your dreams, a barite gemstone can assist with memory recall, information retention, and your communication abilities. You can get the strength you need to power through the day. 

Barite Stone Powers and Properties

Barite powers your third eye and crown chakras respectively. You can clear blockages and increase your psychic abilities. 

You can increase your ability to astral travel, or have controlled out-of-body experiences. Dream recall also becomes much easier. 


Barite Price

Thanks to wide distribution, barite is quite common around the world. You’ll find large deposits in the United States, China, Laos, India, Morocco, and Mexico. Industrial barite costs about 77 dollars a ton.

Faceting barite to cut into gemstones can prove difficult with its softness. That’s what makes the price of jewelry increase when using the element. Some loose barite specimens retail for one USD per carat. Others, especially brightly colored stones, can retail for thousands. It depends on the size and crystalline structure. 

Barite Healing Uses

Barite will protect against irregularities in your nervous system. It helps flush out toxins from your bloodstream and isolates them.

If you or a loved one has trouble with addiction, wearing a barite stone can ease the symptoms and help with the recovery process. If in conjunction with a healthcare plan from a professional or an official organization, barite can provide the energy you need.

Barite Jewelry

Barite jewelry tends to be soft and thus you should handle it with care. Only clean with a damp cloth and soft detergent. 

We recommend wearing a barite necklace or ring when you want to feel strong. 

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Alexandrite color displays a variety range of hues changing effect dependent upon the type of lighting condition.


An alexandrite with good clarity may display a dull color changing effect. 


Alexandrite is typically cut into a variety of mixed cuts, including brilliant-cut, step-cut pavilions, oval cut, cabochons, triangular facets and brilliant-cut crowns.


Larger alexandrite that is two carats in weight can significantly  be more expensive and rare than a diamond. 

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