Leo Zodiac Sign

Jul 23 - Aug 22

Leo Overview

Crystals:  Amber, Onyx, Citrine, Yellow sapphire
Day: Sunday
Color: Gold, Yellow, Orange
Element: Fire
Most compatible with: Aquarius, Gemini

Unleash your inner lion when you are born between July 23 and August 22. Your voice is a roar, and the sound is potent. This makes you a natural-born leader, ready to take action and solve problems. You can unite groups with different goals or values in mind, to give them a common cause. 

Leo the lion represents fire and courage, to stand up for your beliefs when no one else does. You always are ready to leave your comfort zone to seek the next challenge. That inner fire also means that Leo has a warm heart and wants to spread joy to others.

A Leo sign holder is associated with the Sun, the giver of life. Much as plants and flowers grow with the dawn and midday light, so the lion’s spirit blooms. Such higher power controls our energy and personalities. A Leo gains strength from the power of the sun, and the confidence that one needs to confront life.

Balancing The Traits Of A Leo

The Leo is creative,  and generous with a great sense of humor. A sign holder wishes to entertain others with the power of their creations. This allows them to make many friends, and be a good friend in turn. 

On the flip side, some Leo users can find stubbornness or an inflated ego guiding them. They dislike when others ignore them for other issues, and may place themselves in the center of a situation. This can lead to them neglecting friends in turn.  

To remain a good leader, the Leo must keep their ego in check, and work to maintain a sunny disposition. They must also retain perspective and context of a situation. 

Birthstones For Those Born With The Lion

When you as a Leo use a stone, you want to ensure that you find ones that will revive your energy. Stay fiery, while tempering that with wisdom. The sun is your source of personal power, and you need crystals that will allow you to elevate and maintain that energy. 

Leo gives a lot to the world and receives nothing in return. You want a stone that can make up the deficit in energy and spirit, as well as inspiration. To align with the sun, you want yellow sapphire, citrine or tiger eye which channels to the intuitive mind. These crystals also work with Jupiter, the spirit of luck and power, so you can add some fairness to your life. 

To keep negative feelings from affecting you, balance with black onyx and black tourmaline. These crystals are the most powerful grounding, purification, dispel negativity, protects and purifies. 

Enable Your Sun Sign With Selections From Crystals & Stones

Crystals & Stones want to help you reach your full potential. A proper array of healing crystals will unlock your true self, and provide focus. Shed negative energy, while leveraging powerful stones. 

Reach out to us to learn more about harnessing your powers as a Leo and turning your dreams into reality. Crystals & Stones will help you draw strength from a Zodiac sign, and identify the person you are. 

Learn how these minerals offer potent healing energy: 


When you need some courage in your life, wear this birthstone of the zodiac. Feel the power of fire to counteract and balance with water.


Boost your creativity, and shed envy. All artists have negative feelings but will do better to focus on the work. Heal your ability to love if you suffer a broken heart.


Add some unconditional love to your artistic endeavors. People prefer works that come straight from your center, and the quartz is aligned to help you seek balance.

Yellow Sapphire

We would be remiss to neglect a stone that is perfectly aligned with the moon, and gives you colors to fuel inspiration.