Healing Iolite Definition

Iolite is known as an excellent recovery stone and was known to be the most powerful imagination stone known to man a few centuries ago. Iolite Touchstone’s appearance is that of an incredible blue coming from the presence of iron in the gemstone. As iolite displays pleochroism, you can also see yellow to orange colors when viewed from the table of a polished iolite crystal.


Iolite Color

Iolite ranges from transparent to translucent and has a spectrum of cool to pale tints. It can appear colorless and refracts light the way glass does. In other cases, iolite can be green-tinted, pale blue, indigo, violet, yellow-brown, and gray. Its blue variations are sometimes used in place of sapphire. The luster ranges from greasy to vitreous, meaning that it can appear like glass or appear with many microscopic inclusions.


Iolite Stone

The best cut for iolite gemstones is the octagonal emerald step cut. Why? Because this maximizes the visual fiesta of colors. An affordable gemstone is called Cordierite by mineralogists.


Heal Your Body and Mind With Crystals and Stones

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Iolite Touchstone Benefits

Because it is so powerful, these stones can influence the spirits and are used in shamanic journeys. Iolite introduces the wearer to mindful sessions of meditation, vivid visualization and the trait of clairvision.


By linking the mind and heart through one chakra vent, iolite awakens your spiritual senses to seek psychic gifts like ESP, psychic vision and cosmic awareness, astral travel, and projections. Blue rays are known to connect the wearer with nature while the indigo rays connect to the higher realm. The violet stone is especially beneficial for those desiring intuitive powers as it keeps you livelier with each passing day. Iolite beckons wisdom, to truth and enlightenment in the wearer.

Iolite Touchstone Powers and Properties

Iolite beckons wisdom, to truth and enlightenment in the wearer. This stone, which represents one of the few relatively available and affordable blue stone options, is rapidly gaining in popularity. 

Iolite crystal empowers the nerves and increases one’s tolerance to pain. The blue crystal is also excellent to treat headaches, sinusitis, and migraines in addition to strengthening one’s memory. Continued use of iolite for programming higher chakras before bed cures insomnia by resetting the biological clock.


Iolite Touchstone Price

The wholesale value of fine blue-violet stones in the 1 to 5-carat can range from $60 to $80 per carat and $100 to $150 per carat for stones 5 to 10 ct. He also notes that stones larger than 8 carats are rarely eyed clean. More conservative listings retail the value at $100 and $150 per carat, respectively, for those size ranges.

Iolite Touchstone Healing Uses

Iolite was once believed to make man immortal and today, since it is the Stone of Vision. Particularly useful for eye diseases and vision disorders, Iolite is recommended for most ENT disorders. An interesting physical healing energy of iolite is how well it sobers or detoxifies the body by improving your liver conditions.

For seasonal diseases such as Malaria, Blisters, Fever, and Typhoid, Iolite was extensively used not so long ago too. Today, Iolite is widely used for indigestions, constipation and food poisoning too. Cosmetologist crystal users also advocate using iolite gem elixir for your skin, hair, and nails for smooth conditioning.


Iolite Touchstone Jewelry

Iolite is most commonly found in Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Brazil, Namibia, Canada, Tanzania, Australia, and the USA. It’s beautiful dark hues make a perfect jewelry to accompany mother of pearl.

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Quality Factor


The finest and most valuable iolite color is deep purple to blue.


Most iolite inclusions are commonly visible, particularly in larger stones when orientation is properly positioned.


Iolite is cut into a variety of standard calibrated shapes, including rounds, gemstone faces, and ovals.

Carat Weight

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Iolite is available in all size ranges for setting into a variety of jewelry styles.

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