Healing Yellow Sapphire Definition

Sapphire derives from the Latin phrases “sapphirus or sappirus,” which means “blue gem”. Another name for them is the “wisdom stone”. They help by illuminating your journey towards accomplishing a goal. 

The color has always been associated with enlightenment; this goes back to the days when priests and priestesses in Ancient Egypt venerated the Sun and its positive effects as they relate to enlightenment. Awareness precludes knowledge, and sunlight allows us to become more aware because it lets us see things from a positive perspective.

In Hinduism, yellow sapphires are associated with the planet Saturn, who is known as the god Shani. Shani is the god of Justice and favors those who work hard. He also favors those who wear yellow sapphires. 


Yellow Sapphire Color

As previously mentioned, yellow sapphires are considered to be fancy corundum stones and crystals because they are not blue. It should be noted that rubies are also sapphires, but their unique red hues have earned them a separate classification by gemologists. 

Most sapphires are blue. When they deviate from the cyan color spectrum, they are called fancy sapphires, and this is the case with yellow sapphire stones and crystals. Yellow sapphires can range in their shades, including hints of green and brown.


Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow sapphire is a form of corundum, which is crystallized aluminum oxide. They rank 9.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them extremely durable. Sapphire is often found within metamorphic stone deposits and quarries. 

Yellow sapphires are capricious stones; whereas blue sapphires and rubies tend to be found at separate mines, their yellow counterparts can suddenly appear at marble quarries, and this will not necessarily be a sign of abundance.


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Yellow Sapphire Benefits

Every new undertaking in our lives will require some knowledge. In order for a new interest or new relationship to be successful, you need clarity when learning about the matter at hand; this is the main benefit of yellow sapphire. Whenever your objectives are emotional and spiritual, yellow sapphires will help you see the light.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is frequently activated with the use of yellow sapphires and meditation. This is a balancing stone that can guide you towards equilibrium.


Yellow Sapphire Powers and Properties

Whenever you feel negative energy creeping from the unknown, you can count on yellow sapphires to help you illuminate your path towards wisdom. They enhance your intellect and perception of the world. 

What’s more, yellow sapphire can bring good fortune and wealth to your doorstep. Are you ambitious? Attract success by meditating with one, and heighten your intellect.


Yellow Sapphire Price

Some mines in Myanmar and Montana yield quite a few fancy sapphires. Miners will sometimes find a few yellow stones in the same spot where many cornflower blue sapphires are found. 

A yellow sapphire’s quality, carat and cut will determine the price. Untreated yellow sapphires can cost more than those under 1 carat since the heat will destroy natural feather inclusions. Some specimens retail at $31.03 in USD par carat and others can cost more than $700 per carat.


Yellow Sapphire Healing Uses

Yellow sapphire can assist with many illnesses and conditions. For example, in Italy yellow sapphire is used to treat depression. You can also use it to release tension and prevent headaches.

Let’s say you are suffering from a blood disorder such as lymphoma. If you cannot easily understand why some of your blood cells are working against you, try meditating with yellow sapphires as energy tools.

Do you have eye problems? Yellow sapphire can assist with that. It will also stimulate your lymphatic system while clearing your liver or gallbladder.


Yellow Sapphire Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry pieces, yellow sapphire pendants are more common than rings; nonetheless, an engagement ring with this stone should be welcomed as a sign that your future spouse has a positive outlook in your relationship.

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Quality Factors



Yellow sapphires range between sepia yellow to brighter tones that are almost orange. Sapphires that are colored like banana peels can bring about cheerful energy.


Heat treatment of yellow sapphires can boost their clarity. With very few exceptions, all sapphires are subject to heat-treatment so that they look even more beautiful.


The most common cuts of sapphire are star, table, and cushion. With modern techniques, sapphires can be cut in geometric patterns similar to diamonds.

Carat Weight

There is no limit as to how large sapphires can be. At the American Museum of Natural History, the Star of India is an astonishing 563 carat stone.

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