Healing Diamond Definition

The word “diamond” comes from Latin and Greek; diamas and adámas respectively mean “invincible or untamed”. Pliny the Elder wrote about them. Many natural stones have existed for as long as several billion years, owing to their durability.

India was the main country from which diamonds were mined, cut, and exported. While the Romans used it for ornamental purposes, the Chinese used them as knives owing to the hard substance. While the aristocracy and nobility would use them for engagement rings, diamond companies would advertise the idea to mainstream Western societies in the 1930s.

Thus, we associate diamonds with permanence and reliability. Due to it sometimes being referred to as “ice,” diamond as a substance is often representative of winter months and of light. It’s also been associated with fire due to the brilliant blaze that makes it such a special and renowned stone. This is called the dispersion of light.


Diamond Color

Authentic jeweler’s diamonds exhibit a clear sheen that might be referred to as a color in regular parlance but actually looks quite icy when viewed with the naked eye. This is the natural color of a diamond. With that said, other varieties exist. 


Impurities can cause tints including green, blue, white, red, pink and black. Nitrogen, in particular, turns diamonds yellow and brown. Boron, in contrast, tints them blue. These variants tend to be rarer. Its luster is adamantine, meaning it refracts light at a high rate.

Diamond Stone

Genuine diamonds are the hardest known stone that occurs in nature, ranking at 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. They’re so hard that you can strike them against any other natural mineral and the stone won’t be scratched. That is why they are used for many industrial purposes, and for use in surgeries. 


Diamonds are very strong owing to their arrangement of carbon atoms. They are known as an optically isotropic crystal, which means the internal lattice has a uniform structure. This allows them to maintain their durability. When carbon atoms are missing or replaced from the structure, it causes defects within the diamond. Some defects compromise the strength, while others lead to color differences. 

A model holds the

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Diamond Benefits

While you might think of diamonds as being related to material wealth. Their tensile prowess has also ensured that their association with groundedness and physical strength. They’ve become a favorite as anniversary gifts for precisely this reason.

This perfect stone illuminates and activates the higher chakras such as the etheric chakra, crown chakra, and third eye chakra. Strengthen your clairvoyance, telepathic communication inner vision, stimulate creativity and imagination. Heighten your physic abilities when placing a diamond on your third eye chakra. 

Bring clarity and maximize energy throughout your body with this energizer! 

Diamond Powers and Properties

There are those who’ve said that diamonds can be great amplifiers and even conductors of ethereal energy. A few have even claimed that they can absorb thoughts and then radiate them outward for greater effect. In any case, many people certainly feel empowered when wearing them in an appropriate setting.


Wondering why “Diamonds are Forever”? This gleaming crystal and loving energy will definitely be a powerful tool for long-lasting relationships. When you wear a stunning diamond ring, the energy of this stone will propagate and flow through your body, by delivering soothing and calming effect. 


Access the angelic realm, bring clarity into your mind and develop intuition by attuning to your third eye chakra. 


Make time for self-reflection! This prismatic stone will be your best companion to guide you through effective decision making. Looking for a little blessing in your life? Make a little room for the showstopper, because diamonds have your back! When it comes to wealth, abundance and prosperity, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!


Diamond Price

Diamonds are generally at the height of the gemstone market, but they also retain their value much more than almost any other kind of mineral. Many collectors prefer to look at the purchase as an investment as a result. Synthetic ones can cost less and are conflict-free, but people may prefer natural gemstones. 


There is no universal standard price on a diamond. One carat’s value can range from $2,000 to 16,000 in USD. Ten carats can cost as much as $250,000. Ensure that you receive certification to authenticate your purchases. 


Especially if they are legendary, customers may find it hard to determine a price. The most famous specimen, the Hope Diamond, once stolen and rumored to be cursed, is insured for $250 million at the Smithsonian museum. 


We especially advise never to steal one, because it’s a good way to invite bad auras into your life. Instead, purchase one from a reputable dealer. 

Diamond Healing Uses

From a practical standpoint, many eye surgeons, also called ophthalmologists, use knives made of diamonds. In fact, diamonds are considered the highest standard of material to use on corneas due to their propensity for reuse after cleaning. They are used with steel knives to ensure that cataracts are removed with ease. 


On a spiritual level, diamonds are useful for when you have sleep troubles or fear illness. A diamond can protect a sleepwalker’s dreams and relax an insomniac. If you have vertigo, a gemstone can assist with sensations of dizziness.


You can also use a diamond to build your stamina and detoxify your body. They banish bad auras and give you strength. 


Some people have opined that diamonds can assist in helping to eliminate anxiety or fear. Others have proposed that they are used to treat overactive imaginations or banish nightmares. These uses might be related to the legendary strength that these stones exhibit.


Diamond Jewelry

Along with traditional colored gemstones, diamonds are among the earliest stones ever used for commercially available jewelry. Diamond settings are perhaps the most beloved by those who want a highly traditional wedding ring or a set of earrings that can really turn heads. 

As mentioned, engagement rings traditionally have diamonds in the twenty-first century. They can be worn by both genders, and you can get either vintage or new models.

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Quality Factors


While modern cosmetic diamonds look almost colorless to the naked eye, gemologists refer to this unique appearance as the color. As mentioned, some have impurities that add color to them. Some diamonds, especially those that include the presence of other minerals, present a far more obvious color than a majority of modern jewelry-grade stones.


At one point, table-cut diamonds appeared to be almost entirely filled-in, but modern cuts are clear and clean. They shouldn’t have any sort of imperfection or other material left inside of them after cutting and polishing.


Various diamond cuts have been developed over the last several centuries. The most popular form is the modern round brilliant cut, which features a special collection of facets that are well recognizable even by casual fans of gorgeous stones.

Carat Weight

A half or full-carat diamond is normally found on jewelry settings. Considering how precious this gemstone is, however, you can even find those who appreciate simple specks, often known as diamond chips.

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