Healing alexandrite stone Definition

Alexandrite stone is certainly one of the rarest stones. Named after the emperor of Russia Tsar Alexander II (1818-1881). The stone was found in the Ural mountains of Russia in 1834 by French mineralist Nils Gustaf. 

Gustaf mistook the stone for an emerald. Legends say that he took to a campfire during the night. He was mesmerized by how the stone would change color based on how the firelight that would reflect on the stone. 

Alexandrite is the birthstone for people born between March 21st and April 19th (Aries), April 20th and May 21st (Taurus) and October 23rd and November 22nd (Scorpio). That being the case, Alexandrite can be a great addition to your jewelry collection.

alexandrite Color

Alexandrite is clearly one of the rarest stones there is in the market. Due to its color-changing effects, its hues can change from green to purplish-red depending on the lighting source. Alexandrite is typically translucent. In some cases, the stone changes color simultaneously.

alexandrite Stone

Alexandrite has a crystal level of hardness of 8.5 durable stone on the Mohs scale. That makes the hardness comparable to that of a diamond. Despite that, the gem is quite versatile. Alexandrite can be reconfigured into various jewelry pieces, such as rings, earrings, and bracelets.

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alexandrite Stone Benefits

Alexandrite is known for being a stone that brings good omens and luck. The stone strengthens intuition, promotes creativity and increases imagination. When used on a daily basis during meditation, it can significantly open up your heart and crown chakras. 

 Need to make a life-changing decision? Are you experiencing emotional imbalance? Alexandrite can provide the courage for decision making and promotes self-confidence. 

Furthermore, wearing Alexandrite will help you expand your consciousness and awareness by facilitating a connection with the higher realms.

Alexandrite Stone Powers and Properties

The power of Alexandrite is unprecedented regenerative properties. It is a stone for self-esteem and courage and removes any negative blockages. In addition, Alexandrite stones can bolster enduring long-lasting relationships and also known for bringing good luck.


Alexandrite Price

Alexandrite can be quite a rare stone. One carat can cost more than those of emeralds, sapphire, or rubies. The top of the line stone can go up to $30K per carat. 

You can find Alexandrite in Madagascar, Russia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Rhodesia, Brazil, India Burma Zimbabwe, or Zambia. Due to its ability to absorb light and change hues simultaneously, Alexandrite is rarer to find than diamonds.

Alexandrite Healing Uses

Alexandrite has an array of health benefits. Using it can soothe and reduce inflammation. Ease leukemia or any ear problems. Also you can support the pituitary gland and supports the male and female reproductive systems.

alexandrite Jewelry

Alexandrite’s cuts are commonly mixed up. Most are cut into triangular facets, brilliant-cut crowns, and step-cut pavilions.

Alexandrite can make a beautiful engagement ring. Try one of our healing stones today! A unique color-changing stone may be what you need for love lasting romance! 

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Quality Factors


Alexandrite’s color displays a variety of changing hues. The change is dependent upon the lighting conditions.



An alexandrite with good clarity may display a dull color-changing effect.



Alexandrite is typically cut into a variety of mixed cuts. They include brilliant-cut, step-cut pavilions, ovals, cabochons and crowns.


Carat Weight

Larger alexandrite that is two carats in weight can significantly cost more than a diamond and is much rarer.


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