Libra Zodiac Sign

Sept 23 - Oct 22

Libra Overview

Crystals:  Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Black Tourmaline, Aquamarine
Day: Friday
Color: Pink, Green
Element: Air
Most compatible with: Aries, Sagittarius

Those born between September 23 and October 22 seek balance in the fall. It’s the sign that represents when the seasons are equal, and Libras emulate that balance. They seek harmony and beauty and often show an artistic side. 

Venus is the ruling planet for Libras and the symbol of love, harmony, resilience, and determination. The celestial body wants to ensure that you succeed in your tasks. For this reason, the Libra is very charismatic and can win most people over. They also care about others and prioritize their relationships. For that reason, Libras will work to please others.

Since Libras are already balanced, the best stones help enhance their strengths and remind them to focus on the self. Choose gems and crystals that will open the mind. You want balance in your life, but never forget that you are a priority.

Learn how these minerals offer potent healing energy: 


Balance your priorities and obligations. Amazonite wants to ensure that you can find a healthy way to organize your work and home life.

Lapis Lazuli

Remove mental blocks in your life when meditating with the moss or tree versions of the stone. Create a clean slate when feeling overwhelmed. Each day is a new start, and agate helps you remember that.

Black Tourmaline

Use the green variety to cool down after a stressful day. Your brain needs a break from time to time so that you can focus for a few minutes.


Ground your emotions using Mookaite jasper. Gain an objective viewpoint of the issues in your life so that you can make plans moving forward.