Healing Rainbow Moonstone Definition

Although their name suggests otherwise, moonstones are extracted from Mother Earth and not from our planet’s sole satellite. Rainbow moonstone is interesting because its geological classification places outside of the feldspar group commonly known as moonstone; nonetheless, it’s color refraction properties make it an honorary member.

Ancient Romans believed that moonstones absorbed the rays of the Moon. In the specific case of rainbow moonstones, their first spiritual meaning was of protection; travelers and Roman legion soldiers used to carry these stones when they traveled at night. Meditation gurus have attached a more spiritual meaning of transition to rainbow moonstone.


Rainbow Moonstone Color

In daylight, rainbow moonstones appear to be white with just a slight shade of blue. Direct rays of light cause the stone’s crystalline surface to display a spectrum with the colors of the rainbow. This quality is called iridescence.

The ability to display a chromatic spectrum is known as a biaxial optical property. Not many stones create rainbows; in fact, only the whiter labradorites can do so. The colorful iridescence of rainbow moonstone can be interpreted as having an emotional property of giving you hope in times of disappointment.

Rainbow Moonstone Stone

Geologically speaking, rainbow moonstone is not a moonstone; it is labradorite within the triclinic system. This stone is usually extracted from quarries located in the Labrador region of Canada as well as in Norway, Finland, Italy, and China. The prism shape refracts light.


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Rainbow Moonstone Benefits

In Ancient Rome, travelers who ran into hardship or disappointment would grab the rainbow moonstones they carried for the purpose of holding it up to the light. Seeing the rainbow effect of this crystalline stone is very inspirational and can make you forget about the times you have been let down. It will also unlock compassion and understanding of others’ situations.

This is a very pretty stone that can inspire you to see the more positive side of life. It’s a gem of cheer that invites good fortune and healing for your soul. With rainbow moonstone, your meditation sessions will feel feminine and playful. You can also improve your lucid dreaming and use meditating with one to treat trauma.

Rainbow Moonstone Powers and Properties

The rainbow moonstone’s primary power is psychic protection. It enhances your intuition and sense of clairvoyance. That way you can determine your future and anticipate unwanted surprises. When you are in need of advice from the spiritual realm, the rainbow moonstone will connect you to higher perceptions and clarities.

In addition, you will also dispel nightmares when sleeping with a rainbow moonstone. Place one by your bed and meditate before bedtime. Rainbow moonstones can treat sleepwalking and reduce its occurrences. It protects those who travel and will provide cheer during hard times.


Rainbow Moonstone Price

You will find that rainbow moonstones are reasonably priced compared to other gemstones. This is a fairly abundant stone; however, the spectrolite variety of labradorite stones is extremely rare. Should you ever come across a spectrolite rainbow moonstone, which is sometimes found in Finland and Madagascar, you should consider yourself very lucky.

Rainbow moonstones are priced according to their clarity and size. Collectors may charge more for clearer stones that lack green tints. Some can cost as little as $10 per specimen, while larger ones may retail for $1000.

Rainbow Moonstone Healing Uses

If you are still growing, moonstone can help stimulate a necessary spurt. This also works if you have children and want them to grow up happy and healthy. In the case of people with chronic pain or degenerating tissue, the moonstone helps slow both down.

Enhance fertility with the moonstone and encourage your body to absorb the necessary nutrients. Stimulate your digestive system while expelling toxins from the body.


Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry

Rainbow moonstone on silver rings are fairly popular; young women usually wear them on the pinky fingers of their right hands. Earrings made with this stone are very playful because of their iridescence.

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Quality Factors


This is not a precious stone, but gemologists are always on the lookout for the extremely rare spectrolite variations that are multicolored. Some rainbow moonstones are capricious and will not display colors until they are polished.


Some rainbow moonstones look like they have a translucent surface, but that is just an optical effect. Even the rare spectrolite category of labradorite stone is solid.


The malleable properties of rainbow moonstone make it ideal for just about any jewelry pieces. It is easy to polish and make into round shapes so that you can hold them while meditating.

Carat Weight

Rainbow moonstone’s molecular weight is about 271.81 gm, about the same as jade.

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Moonstone is beneficial for the following reasons: 

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  • Restores emotional wounds and trauma
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  • Supports inner strength, self development and self-confidence
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