Our Story 

Crystals and Stones was founded in 2019 by Ingrid Olarte. Ingrid grew up in Colombia and was exposed to New Age and spirituality movements during this time. In later years, she grew fond of collecting crystals in her home and began to interact with their auras. In time, she learned how to work with them. 

Ingrid’s first spiritual awakening encounter happened one afternoon when she decided to meditate with crystals. She held rose quartz in her left hand and amethyst crystal in her right. During meditation, she noticed how the high vibrational frequency of the crystal worked through her energy field. The frequency helped her increase spiritual attunement to the higher self. Since then, she decided to spread the magnetic energy of crystals with the world. 

Crystals and Stones provide energy tools to enhance and support spirituality as well as your emotional well-being. Our experts also will educate you on finding your inner power. The store promotes spiritual items like crystals, candles, energy stone kits, monthly crystal subscription boxes, and essential oils.