Pisces Zodiac Sign

Feb 19 - Mar 20

Pisces Overview

Crystals:  Amethyst, Aquamarine, Fluorite, Bloodstone
Day: Thursday
Color: Mauve, Lilac, Purple, Violet, Sea green
Element: Water
Most compatible with: Virgo, Taurus

Pisces born between February 19 and March 20, have a strong psychic ability, are highly intuitive and very spiritual, and they often go out of their way to make others feel welcome and pleased. With a sense of mysticism, creativity, compassion, and sensitivity Pisces is one of the easiest going zodiac signs.

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of mysticism and illusion, your personality is attracted by the occult and mystery. Pisces are ruled by their emotions, which a disadvantage would be that people may think their weak for being so vulnerable. When it comes to love, poor decision making is due to their impulsive personality.

Working with the healing power crystals, tap into your spiritual groundedness and fortify the qualities within you. With the healing frequency of crystals, you can lift your vibrational energy. Transmute negative energy into positive, invite the cleansing energy of crystals to enter your life by transforming your life. Some of the most beneficial stones that Pisces can work with are the following.

Learn how these minerals offer potent healing energy: 


The birthstone for Pisces is aquamarine. It provides soothing energy that calms and helps reduce stress. Aquamarine is a stone for courage, and helps overcome fears, will give support when feeling overwhelmed. Aquamarine can help open the heart chakra and align the chakras.


Bring peace and balance. The energy of amethyst dispels negative energies and alleviates any anxiety and stress. For Pisces, the stone serves as your best ally when feeling sad, or depressed. Amethyst is your best spiritual protection.


Allow the harmonizing energy transmute lower energies and redirect your thoughts to the highest frequency. Strengthen your connection to your higher self with this powerful tool.


Create calm, and supports decision making and helps bring clarity when you need it the most. Removes all energy blockages, eases and creates a smooth energy flow.