Healing Lapis Lazuli Definition

Latin supplies the name of this gemstone; lapis means “stone” while lazuli comes from lazulum, an antiquated word for blue that refers to the gem’s place of origin. It was traditionally used to accentuate luxury items like King Tutankhamun’s mummy case, Chinese carvings, and the Russian Faberge eggs. 

Afghanistan and the Middle East overall were the source of lapis lazuli. They exported it to other countries because the blue color became extremely valuable. Mesopotamians used the semi-precious stone for important seals, as well as for jewelry. 

Lapis Lazuli Color

Lapis lazuli tends to be deep blue, like the cool Pacific Ocean. It can also be purple since the colors are quite similar on the visible light spectrum. In the Middle Ages, artisans used it as a pigment for Renaissance paintings. Its most expensive form was ultramarine. You would see the shade in Vermeer’s paintings since he would use it to stabilize his layers. 

Sometimes lapis lazuli is streaked with white calcite. Calcite and pyrite can add some white and golden streaks to your stone, allowing it to catch the light better. 

Lapis Lazuli Stone

People find lapis lazuli in metamorphic rocks or stones generated from intense pressure. As a result, the texture can be quite smooth. A trisulfar radical anion in the stone’s chemistry causes the blue color. The shade is often associated with self-awareness. 

Lapis lazuli ranks 5- 5.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. It carves quite well and can be grounded to make other substances. That is why artisans liked lapis lazuli until they found chemical alternatives. 

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Lapis Lazuli Benefits

Even though most blue paints don’t use lapis lazuli, since it’s too valuable as a precious stone, it serves other purposes. Do you have a spiritual side? Then you can take advantage of its high frequencies to increase spiritual enlightenment. The stone is called “The Wisdom Keeper” for a reason. When you meditate with the stone, your mind will open up to the possibilities of improving your life. 

Lapis Lazuli Powers and Properties

Do you want to increase your spiritual enlightenment? A lapis gem is filled with spiritual energies. They will help you increase your self-awareness and mindfulness. Lapis lazuli will open and support your third-eye chakra. You can also incorporate more honesty in your life.


Lapis Lazuli Price

You will often find lapis lazuli from Afghanistan mines.  Mongolia is another source, as are the United States, Canada, and Italy. Since it’s no longer used solely for the wealthy or their paintings, you can find affordable pieces of jewelry. You just have to know where to look. 

Raw, untreated lapis can retail for several dollars per milligram. Some specimens, however, can sell for thousands of dollars.  

Lapis Lazuli Healing Uses

When you meditate with lapis lazuli, you can reduce anxiety and the stress-induced pains and body aches that ensue from daily life. When you have repressed anger, the stone can help you find a healthy outlet, that in turn will reduce the strain on your mind and muscles. 

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Lapis pairs very well with golden chains and bands. The blue and yellow go well together, though sterling silver is another good option. 

Wear a lapis lazuli band to add some mindfulness to your life. 

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Quality Factor


 Lapis Lazuli is one of the world’s most beautiful deep blue gemstones. Colors are available in indigo, midnight, greenish-blue, violet-blue and royal blue.


Lapis Lazuli is typically opaque and which some gemstones may contain white calcite matrix.


Typically, Lapis Lazuli is cut in a wide variety of shapes, including rounds, ovals, cabochons, and beads.

Carat Weight

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Lapis Lazuli is available in all size ranges for setting into unique stylish jewelry.


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