Healing Obsidian Rock Definition

Obsidian is named for Obsidius, the Roman that ostensibly first discovered it while exploring Ethiopia. Pliny the Elder described it as volcanic glass, which is a fairly accurate term. 

Ancient civilizations used it for making pottery and fashioning knives. Some of these knives were for medical purposes while other blades were for weapons. In any case, it was a valued commodity before its powers were observed.

Obsidian Color

Regular obsidian comes in two colors: black or very dark green. Smoky Obsidian, in contrast, can have dark brown within its pebbles. Others may have a gold sheen or brown spots within the black. The dark colors come from its source of origin: cooled lava that reaches the Earth’s crust and surface. It is translucent and vitreous in terms of luster, which means that it refracts light the way that traditional glass does. Peacock Obsidian is a remarkable one, that shows a swirl of various colors after it is polished.

Obsidian Stone

Obsidian is an igneous rock that cools when lava enters the atmosphere and hardens rapidly. Due to the chemical composition, we label obsidian as glass. It can be found in volcanic deposits; mind that at Crystal & Stones we don’t recommend mining it in the fields, because the vapors from within the Earth can prove toxic to humans. You should use a trusted stone ranks between 5 to 6 on the Mohs hardness scale and is a popular material to use for knives, unapproved medical scalpels, and other sharp tools. 

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Obsidian Stone Benefits

Obsidian is known as the mirror stone, and for a good reason. On a physical level, a wearer or user can polish it to receive a reflected surface. Many civilizations did that, as a matter of fact. Its prime benefit is that you can look into it and see your future, past, and worries reflected for introspection.

Protection is another benefit, on the spiritual side. Because of obsidian’s translucent hues, it was often seen as a reflection of darkness. Someone can make a better decision when they see the abyss within their soul, and to choose a wiser course of action. You can shield your mind from bad influences while wearing obsidian.

You also receive transformations with this stone. While you won’t change your outer appearance, you can dig deep and improve your character during an obsidian meditation. People are made of layers, and piercing them with introspection can provide the growth that you need.

Obsidian Stone Powers and Properties

Obsidian protects you from harm and invites opportunity into your life. When you are starting a new job, an obsidian set of earrings can steer you from negative influences while at the office. It can be used for scrying, with a polished reflecting surface assisting you with important decisions. Many people can look toward the future after they take a glance inward. The stone turns activities such as stargazing into energy-renewing meditations.

The stone is also good for balancing your chakras. Many people suffer health problems because their third eye is not aligned properly. You can do a deep-cleanse and regain balance in life. After you cleanse your soul while meditating with obsidian, you can also use the volcanic glass to ground your aura. Do you want to banish your dark side? Then obsidian will assist by going deep into your soul and helping shed inner demons.

Obsidian Price

Obsidian can be found wherever lava meets the air. Thus, it forms wherever there are volcanoes or vents, making the substance ubiquitous. You can buy obsidian for 2-3 dollars by the pound, while rarer brown obsidian costs up to 5 dollars a pound at maximum.

The price of obsidian jewelry can vary depending on if you use it for everyday wear or spiritual purposes. Factors can include the preparation of the obsidian and its qualities. Simple beads and arrowhead pendants will cost at minimum six to eleven dollars, while carved pieces can cost around fifty dollars, due to the gem’s brittle qualities.

Obsidian Healing Uses

If you have suffered a traumatic experience, obsidian is good for wearing as you start to cope with the horrible events and tragedies that have damaged a person. The stone is also good for improving circulation through the body. Reduce tension throughout the body and relieve pain.

Obsidian Jewelry

While a knife is the traditional means by which to own obsidian, you can get standard necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings to protect you from harm. The surfaces are rounded and polished due to the brittle qualities.

Find jewelry that has obsidian inlaid with gold or silver or paired with turquoise. That way your stone is protected, as it shoulds you in turn.

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Obsidian is usually a dark color, usually black, green or brown. In the case of Snowflake obsidian, you may have swirls of white while the Rainbow and Peacock varieties have a spectrum of colors within the stone. You can identify obsidian by its luster, which is glasslike.


Polished obsidian has a reflective surface that bends any light. It has no crystals usually, so expect to see a pristine stone. In some cases, they are even used as spiritual mirrors


Obsidian is a brittle stone; it is usually presented as completely polished, with the edges rounded. If it is not polished, then it runs the risk of getting damaged.


Due to its ubiquitous qualities, you can get obsidian in a number of sizes. You can see out tiny teardrops for earrings, or larger pendants for necklaces.

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