Healing Malachite Rock Definition

The name “malachite” comes from the Greek phrase molochites lithos or “mallow-green stone”. It received the name for its verdant hues. Ancient civilizations used the substance to smelt out copper at first since you often find the mineral within copper ores. 

Despite the name, we have evidence that Egyptians also mined malachite. They mixed it into cosmetics, while later civilizations would use the mineral in protective amulets. In St. Petersburg, Russia, the Hermitage museum has an entire room dedicated to malachite.

Malachite Color

Malachite runs the green gamut, incorporating yellow and black undertones in some cases to make light or dark green. Copper provides the shade, and varying minerals affect the degrees of light or darkness. Usually, the color appears in bands. 

Before the 1800s, painters would use malachite to dye their paints. When ground and mixed, the pigment led to a vibrant green. This color would symbolize fertility and rebirth. Painters eventually replaced the pigment with verditer, which was more affordable and available.

Shades can range from green, yellow, purple and teal. Derbyshire Blue John fluorite is the rarest since it only occurs in England and has been mined for at least two centuries.

Malachite Stone

Technically, malachite is a copper mineral rather than a standard gemstone. Specifically, it is copper carbonite hydroxide. The mineral ranks 3.5-4 on the Mohs hardness scale. You will often find it in tandem with azurite and calcite within copper and limestone deposits. 

Malachite becomes poisonous when it makes contact with water. Do not use it in the shower or bathroom, and please do not use it on trips that involve lakes or oceans. Keep the stone in a dry space, especially when using for meditation. It also is heat-sensitive, so reduce exposure to sunlight as much as possible. 

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Malachite Stone Benefits

When you wear the stone, malachite absorbs negative energies. You also will find that it absorbs toxins like electromagnetic pollution. Wearing the stone will protect you from harm, and aid in your spiritual guidance.

Malachite Stone Powers and Properties

Historically, malachite is a protective talisman that would ease children’s sleep, and ward off evil spirits. It also will enhance your psychic vision. 

Ease your heart chakra. Cleanse all of your pressure points, including your eye chakra, and receive clarity about when to make a change.

Malachite Price

Even though the stone is no longer mined from the Russian regions of Ural, it is readily available. As a result, it is affordable for most crystal users and cultured individuals. 

The availability of copper and color will determine the price in general, though artificial stones cost more than natural ones. Malachite tends to cost about 2.23 US dollars per carat, and will cost more if you get a specialized carving. 

Malachite Healing Uses

For people that have mood swings and menstrual cycles, malachite can help with both. The mineral assists with relieving menstrual cramps, and calming down emotions. You can prevent waking up on the wrong side of the bed, on a regular basis. For pregnant people, malachite can also reduce labor pains if worn. 

Swollen joints will also receive relief from wearing malachite. While you cannot mend broken bones with the stone, you can relieve the pain, and also reduce your blood pressure. Encourage your liver to release toxins, and for your immune system to shape up. When flying, reduce vertigo and motion sickness.

Malachite Jewelry

When you want some vibrant color in your life, malachite has you covered. Wear as a protective talisman to ward off danger. 

We advise getting malachite earrings or brooches. Or get your protective pin, so that you can revel in the stone of transformation!

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Quality Factor


Malachite’s most striking coloration is bright green. Malachite exhibits a band pattern layered that makes this stone spectacular in color. 



Malachite is known for its opaque and dull luster. When the gemstone is polished, however, it displays a stunning pattern.


Malachite is particularly cut into discs. The form is used for beautiful jewelry pieces. 

Carat Weight

Malachite can virtually be found in any size. Care should be considered since it can be quite brittle and sensitive to heat. Malachite can be adapted into beautiful jewelry.


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