Healing Pearl Definition

Pearl comes from the French word for leg, perle, to signify the shape of oysters in which they are found. Since they come from the ocean, pearls have long been associated with cultures that are bound to islands and coastlines. They’ve also taken on a spiritual dimension, due to comparisons with a pearl of great price that resonate quite deeply with many people who elect to wear them.


Pearl Color

The finest quality pearls have an iridescent look to them and they might even allow some light to pass through from one side to the other. They offer viewers a rather unique color that’s taken on the name of pearls themselves. You can get them in pink, green, blue, black, yellow, red, orange, or purple. Some are even cream or brown.

Pearl Stone

Pearls aren’t truly a crystal nor a stone, but rather have an organic origin. They’re made on the insides of certain types of shellfish, which gives them a completely unique appearance in the world of gemstones. They rank 2.5 or 4.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them relatively fragile.


Rather than true stones, pearls are made from nacre layers produced inside of clams and oysters. Natural ones come from generally wild stretches of the ocean while cultured ones are grown from shellfish that live in close proximity to humans, much like other livestock. The culturing and growth of pearls is something of an art in and of itself.


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Pearl Benefits

Pearl is a gem of friendship and faithfulness. When you want a life filled with integrity, you wear a pearl necklace or earring set. It also serves as a protection against misfortune while inviting wealth in your life.

Pearls have sometimes been used to promote wisdom and charity in those who have minds that are extremely disquieted. You can clear your head and invite purity into your life. That means your path is cleared.

Pearl Powers and Properties

When they’re in the shape of stones, pearls are said to assist owners in manifesting what they need in a specific time and place. They can be used for scrying, to make predictions about your future. They’re normally associated with both water and lunar energy. 

Some commentators have opined that they have a tendency to hold onto energy almost indefinitely. This is why they were used to enhance lifespans and even potentially reach immortality.


Pearl Price

Prices fluctuate wildly based on the size and color of a particular pearl in addition to whether or not it was cultured. By “cultured,” we mean those grown rather than found. Thanks to the demand for natural pearls, they have become virtually rare. 

Fine quality natural pearls tend to fetch the highest prices, well over $1000 USD. South Sea specimens are the most expensive by far, with Tahitian and Akoya the second-most costly.

Pearl Healing Uses

Some people believed that drinking dissolved pearls in water would protect them from poisons. They can reduce the potential for acid reflux. It can also help manage asthma and bronchitis. 

In some systems of medicine, pearls have associated with regulation of the skin and control of skin-related conditions. This might have something to do with the fact that they have a protective layer over them. There are those who also say they have a positive influence on the adrenal glands as well. Use them for these purposes and to clean your kidneys.


Pearl Jewelry

Earrings and necklaces made from pearls have been used since time immemorial, and they’ve never fallen out of fashion. Due to their longevity, a pearl in a fine setting can last for countless years. They are often considered family heirloom jewelry for that reason. Keep them out of the sun, try not to leave them in humid or dry areas.

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Quality Factors


Ranging from a deep iridescent black to an almost invisible white, pearls exhibit a wide variety of different colors by which they’re judged.


Unlike typical jewels, pearls don’t exhibit the same kind of clarity you’d expect from a diamond or ruby. Collectors actually sometimes appreciate completely opaque stones.


Carat Weight

One pearl grain, which is a preferred measurement when talking about pearls, equals 0.25 carats in a more traditional system. This type of measurement is unique to pearls and is specifically used when discussing them.

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