How Crystal Subscription Works

Why order one box a month? We provide the utmost convenience and will save you a trip to a nearby store. Our crystals are mined ethically, are sourced for authenticity, and display high-quality. You can wear them with ease, knowing that they are authentic and will assist you in your spiritual journey. Fill your living space with positive energy, and heal your soul.

Subscribe for a monthly delivery and save! Sign up for a monthly supply of crystals, and you will receive a free gift with your order. You only deserve the best to heal your body. Crystals and Stones can deliver the best.

Open your chakras, and fill your body with energy. Crystals will dull over time when taking away all your negativity and replacing them with pure aura. You can practice spirituality at home, with a steady supply of crystals. No need to heat them for revival, and you can recycle previous crystals by placing them around the house or in the garden.

You hold all the healing powers within you and with the power of our crystals, we’ll make it easier for you to channel that energy. With a monthly subscription, you will never lack even when you feel under attack!




Starting at $49/box.
Valued at over $60 you can claim vital monthly healing powers in just a few clicks.


Your First Box Ships

Immediately. We don’t want to delay your power, so we include fast & free shipping in the USA.


Unleash The Magic

A new journey begins. Your divine self awaits. Live up to your fullest potential.