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Septarian derives from the Latin word “septum” which means “wall” or “enclosure.”  The geode is a formation that is a hard concretion or mineral nodule, which is composed of an accumulation of local sedimentary matter. When the water evaporates and the concretion dries out, a distinctive pattern is formed from this mineral. It is a calcite, aragonite, and limestone geode.  

Septarian is a highly grounding stone. Activate your root chakra by channeling life energy.  This stone is a powerful mineral that will drastically change old behavioral patterns by replacing them into good habits. Carry this stone to repair the emotional body and shield your auric field. 

This stone provides the following benefits: 

  • Grounds and nurtures the mind 
  • Promotes tolerance, patience, and emotional healing
  • Absorbs negative energy and encourages self-healing 
  • Maintains the user’s overall health and well-being
  • Gives relief for muscle spasm 
  • Supports the lower chakras: root, sacral and solar plexus
  • Facilitates physic abilities



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