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Settle My Tummy! Pocket Crystals is a curated pocket set to help support the digestive system, relieve heartburn and stomach ulcers. Settle My Tummy Pocket Crystal Set, is a wonderful alternative to use in conjunction with your chemotherapy treatment, this will help relieve, soothe and strengthen the digestive system. Each set includes Carnelian Agate, Aquamarine and Honey Calcite.


These crystals offer the following benefits:

Carnelian Agate: Carnelian is a great stone to energize and stabilize the auric field and the physical body. This wonderful stone boosts fertility, immunity  and stimulates sexuality. Carnelian is known to treat lower back issues, arthritis, rheumatism, regulates kidney function, heals the bones and ligaments.  Carnelian improves mineral and vitamin absorption, it helps restore vitality and improves mental focus.


Aquamarine: This crystal helps support inflammatory diseases, soothes hives , eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. It helps heal the stomach, ulcers, and digestive issues. 


Honey Calcite: Is a great stone for healing the kidneys and bladder. It may support fertility and the reproductive system. This stone is known to support the immune system, increase energy, support the joints, bones, kidneys, stomach and small intestines.



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