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Flourite Tree of Life Pendant features a beautifully handmade wire wrapped pendant. This silver-plated embellished with wire wrapped tree of life pendant. Wearing Fluorite will help absorb and neutralize negative energy and stress. Using this crystal will Increase positivity and improve concentration especially during stressful situations.

Fluorite is known for its name Fluorspar, which means the word “flow” in Latin. This stone is known for its ability to cleanse and stabilize the aura. Fluorite is a great stone for balancing energies, clearing energy blocks, organizing thoughts, and streamlining ideas. It increases the power of mental focus, serving as a great learning tool for decision-making and self-discipline. The octahedron is aligned with the element of air and opens the heart chakra.

In addition to easing the mind, fluorite offers exceptional health benefits. These include boosting the immune system, healing wounds, strengthening the joints and bones, stimulating the regeneration of cells in the DNA and alleviating rheumatoid arthritis. Its metaphysical properties are also quite powerful, with energy cleaning and purifying the wearer’s auras.


This stone provides the following benefits:

  • Provides forgiveness, compassion, and empathy 
  • Keeps your aura clear 
  • Removes negative energy. 
  • Alleviates chaos 
  • Assists with learning new subjects and taking exams
  • It calms and centers your mind 
  • Creates inner expansion, brings stillness, alleviates stress, brings clarity to confusion
  • Strengthen and promotes healing in the bones and teeth

This is the version of a Fluorite Tree of Life Pendant.



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  • Weight: 4 oz

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