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This handmade Lapis Lazuli Pendulum piece is beautifully embellished. Pendulums are very powerful tools that can help one through chakra healing and dowsing divination.

Lapis Lazuli is as beautiful as the deep Pacific Ocean. Some specimens contain calcite and pyrite, adding white and golden streaks. In the Middle Ages, artisans used the blue pigment for Renaissance paintings. 

Lapis is known as the “Wisdom Keeper”. This stone activates the higher mind and enhances intellectual ability while stimulating knowledge. 


This stone is great for the following:

  • Enhances wisdom and truth 
  • Promotes self-awareness 
  • Blocks negative energy
  • Clears emotional wounds
  • Brings clarity to the mind
  • Facilitates spiritual journeying and power
  • Aids communication and relieves pain
  • Reduces vertigo and migraines
  • Opens and activates the third eye and throat chakra

This is the version of a Lapis Lazuli Pendulum.



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  • Weight: 2 oz

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