Malachite Double Terminated Pendant

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Malachite is the stone for transformation. Wearing Malachite Double Terminated Pendant can bring one protection while absorbing negative energy. Malachite is a wonderful stone to cleanse and align the chakras. It is particularly very powerful for activating the heart chakra. It aids with emotional healing by opening up the heart chakra and mending emotional wounds. Malachite is wonderful for releasing emotional traumas and old behavioral patterns. In addition, Malachite balances mood swings  and boosts the immune system. 


Malachite properties are the following:

  • Heals emotional wounds and opens the heart for unconditional love
  • Absorbs negativity and attunes the chakras
  • Assist in overcoming emotional trauma
  • Enhances intuition and creativity 
  • Increases Self-confidence
  • It lifts anxiety, stress and depression
  • Clear and cleanses the chakras
  • Shields against electromagnetic pollutants
  • Is the stone for good fortune, prosperity and abundance




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  • Weight: 4 oz

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