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This beautiful Garnet Beaded is a beautifully handmade bracelet. This stone will help one attune to the energy of Granet and balance your Chi. Wearing a Granet Bracelet will help purify, balance energy, bring serenity and passion. Garnet is the stone of fertility and ignite sex drive. 

Garnet is a stone that is found all over the world. The name derives from the Latin name “Granatum”, which means pomegranate fruit. This beautiful stone is commonly known to be a red color or dark reddish-brown.

Categorized as one of the most ancient talismans in the world, garnet is known as a sensual stone. It’s a powerful crystal for manifesting your deepest desires  Representing the fire element, its healing attributes purify the auric field. Garnet is highly grounding and its powerful properties ignite the root chakra. 


This is great for the following: 

  • Promotes energy, motivation, and vitality
  • Protects against stress and helps speed up the healing process
  • Balances sexual inner power
  • Reignites the flame in relationships and promotes sex drive

This is the version of a Garnet Beaded Bracelet.



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