White Howlite Beaded Bracelet

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This  handmade piece features a beautiful white howlite Beaded Bracelet. Howlite is by far one of the most “attunement stones”. These link the user to higher spiritual consciousness. The crystal opens the mind while preparing to receive cosmic energy and wisdom. 

When it comes to eliminating rage, pain, and stress, white howlite is an excellent tool for calm. It promotes serenity and focuses the mind while dispelling negative thoughts. Meditating with howlite stone can help one connect to higher consciousness and reignite the crown chakra. 


This stone is great for the following:

  • Creates cosmic awareness
  • Reduces stress and anxiety 
  • Strengthens memory 
  • Stimulates the desire for knowledge
  • Eliminates rage, pain, and stress
  • Helps with calm communication



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SKU: csj-30-whithowl-bead-brace


  • Weight: 4 oz

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