Honey Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

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Combining the energy of the sun, this beautiful bracelet is embellished with a Honey Tiger Beaded Bracelet. Honey Tiger Eye brings a little sunshine into your day, by shedding light onto problems. It brings positivity and optimism to any situation. Tiger Eye brings good luck and good fortune. 

It activates the solar plexus chakra, and balances the lower chakras. It increases personal power, boosts creative energy, and attracts abundance. Known as the stone of protection and used as a talisman by ancient civilization against evil and bad luck.Wear Tiger Eye when you need an energetic boost, confidence and creativity. 



This stone has the following properties:

  • Activates the solar plexus and clear all chakras
  • Encourages confidence, creativity and motivation
  • Helps with mental clarity and aid metal scatter
  • Allows one to remain calm and grounded
  • Releases fear, stress and anxiety 
  • Helps manifest goals and decision making process
  • Stone provides protection and stabilizes the aura 
  • Attracts wealth, abundance, good luck and prosperity

This is the version of a Honey Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet.



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  • Weight: 2 oz

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