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The Calcite Raw Cube Pendant features a silver-plated topped calcite wand. Raise your consciousness with this beautiful crystal wand. Calcite will help one nurture your inner balance and stability and absorb negative energies.  

White calcite derives from the Latin word “lime”. Owing to its properties, the stone is commonly found in limestone and marble formations. 

Harnessing the influence of the sea, white calcite has a purifying effect that cleanses and detoxes your surroundings. It promotes serenity, and focus while dispelling negative thoughts. The energy of calcite absorbs negative energies and transmutes it into positive vibes. Raise your vibration and cosmic awareness, while cleansing your auric field and activating your chakras. 

Calcite is great for the following:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety 
  • Strengthens memory
  • Stimulates the desire for knowledge
  • Eliminates rage, pain, and stress
  • Helps with calm communication
  • Facilitates awareness  
  • Encourages emotional expression 
  • Activates the crown chakra

This is the version of a Calcite Raw Wand Pendant.



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