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This handmade, glitzy pendant features a natural healing Turquoise Pendant Point stone. Turquoise is a wonderful stone to purify, cleanse, and dispel negative energies. It has been considered as a talisman for centuries across the world. This wonderful stone stabilizes the mood, instills inner calm, and prevents panic attacks. 

Turquoise is excellent to promote self-realization, expand cosmic awareness,  and stimulate creativity. It enhances the immune system, stimulates the regeneration of tissue and cells, purifies the lungs, cleans the throat, and alleviates body aches and cramps.  The turquoise stone is great for clearing the throat chakra and speaking the truth. 

This stone has the following metaphysical properties:


  • Opens the heart chakra
  • Protects from the world’s negative influence
  • Enhances energy flow 
  • Calms the mind
  • Encourages communication
  • Dispels negative auras
  • Aligns the chakras
  • Stabilizes mood swings
  • Brings love
  • Relaxes the mind 
  • Protects from negativity 
  • Promotes an optimistic attitude 

This is the version of a Turquoise Sparkle Pendant.



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