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Smoky Quartz is known as a sacred and powerful crystal among the Celts. Smoky quartz was quite a popular crystal during medieval times. The Scottish Royal dynasty used smoky quartz on the tip of the scepter as an energy amplifier, as well as for scrying. 


A powerful stone for physical healing and psychic abilities, smoky quartz has tremendous healing purposes that can help activate, and purify your auric field. Its soothing vibes heals emotional wounds while easing physical ones. This stone brings emotional balance, cleansing the physical body, and mind. Attune to the gentle energy of smoky quartz; allow the radiant light and energy heal, ground, and uplift your spirit. The gem will help one recalibrate and redirect your vibrations. 




This is great for the following:  

  • Relieves stress and balances emotions
  • Brings financial success and successful decision making
  • Dispels negative vibes and emotions such as jealousy, fear, and anger
  • Removes electromagnetic radiation
  • Activates the base and root chakra



This is the version of a Smoky Quartz Pebble.

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