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Chrysoprase is an excellent stone for healing the emotional body. Its metaphysical properties are quite powerful, attracting new love, wealth, abundance, and prosperity. This beautiful crystal contains small quantities of nickel. 

Chrysoprase opens and activates the heart chakra and sacral chakra. Its green-ray energy is extremely soothing and heals emotional wounds.  This highly vibrational crystal encourages loyalty, love, and security. It also heals our inner child. Chrysoprase also balances the hormones, supports the reproductive system, and promotes fertility. 


This crystal is great for: 

  • Attracts new love, abundance, and prosperity 
  • Promotes joy and happiness 
  • Brings a higher vibration
  • Treats depression and anxiety
  • Activates the heart chakra, and offers emotional alignment
  • Cools and calms down intense emotions 
  • Removes emotional toxicity

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  • Weight: 4.3 oz

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