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Diopside is by far one of the strongest vibrational stones. It resonates with the energy of love, opening your heart to receive and reveal what the universe has in store for you. This beautiful healing stone will instill love, trust, compassion, empathy, and humility. 

When it comes to attracting wealth, love, and abundance, diopside is the perfect addition for your crystal altar. A highly creative crystal that will enhance creativity, diopside is the stone that will help stimulate creative endeavors and to stimulate the intellect. In addition, it facilitates learning and memorization. The energy of this crystal resonates with the heart chakra. Diopside can be very helpful for the lungs, circulatory system, muscles, and emotional disorders. 


This is great for the following: 

  • Heals emotional trauma
  • Inspires you to be more passionate
  • Attracts love, abundance, and wealth
  • Treats and eases heart-related problems
  • Manifests goals in a quicker manner
  • Motivates you to make the first move

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  • Weight: 8 oz

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