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Dolomite name derives from the French mineralogist D. Dolomieu, who first discovered this mineral during his visit to Egypt in 1798. It is composed of calcium and magnesium carbonate. 

A very uplifting crystal, dolomite opens the heart chakra and helps one appreciate the small things in life. It is the stone of patience, loyalty, and constancy. Use it to increase energy, detox the body, and release heavy metals from the physical body. Dolomite is the mineral that harnesses the energy of the earth. The preferred stone for athletes,  it helps the body build stamina, strengthens muscles, and bones. 

Dolomite is great for the following: 

  • Brings a very loving energizing energy 
  • Promotes courage and stability
  • Stimulates thinking, mental clarity, and creative thinking.
  • Assists with inner tranquility and increase stamina
  • Helps with energy alignment and the removal of blockages
  • Releases fear and phobias
  • Heals trauma



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