Goldstone Dual Face Roller

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The Goldstone Dual Face Roller skincare tool will help de-puff, tighten, and improve blood circulation. This tool gently massages your face and stimulates the lymphatic system, and blood flow to increase natural skin glow. 

Goldstone is excellent for embarking on endeavors and making decisions. It’s a stone of good fortune and luck. Channel your positivity while detoxing your body. 


This stone is great for the following:

  • Builds energy and courage 
  • Improves positivity and productivity
  • Increases drive and confidence
  • Uplifts and enhances the mood
  • Promotes vitality
  • Reduces stomach pain and  improves circulation

This is the version of a Goldstone Dual Face Roller. 



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SKU: cs-93-gldnstn-dulfac-roll


  • Weight: 4.02 oz

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