Pink Himalayan Halite Salt Natural Raw Stone

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Pink Himalayan Halite absorbs and neutralizes all negative toxins. Named for the Himalayan mountains, which was thought to be the realm of gods, the crystal carries shamanic healing properties. 

This extraordinary quartz vibrates at very high frequencies, which facilitates physic abilities, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. Himalayan Halite works in harmony with our bodies by cleansing the energies that no longer serve our minds. 


This stone is great for the following: 

  • Purifies, detoxifies, and energetically cleanses the space
  • Creates an electrolyte balance, increases hydration and aids metabolism functioning
  • Establishes clarity
  • Uplifts your vibrations and auras
  • Increases feeling of happiness
  • Stimulates feelings of peace and calm 
  • Encourages relaxation, increases energy, and enhances concentration
  • Reduces stress and depression 

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  • Weight: 2.61 oz

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