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Honey Calcite is a kind of carbonate mineral and massive crystal form. This is by far one of the most powerful stones in the mineral kingdom. It promotes feelings of self- confidence, courage, self-worth, and assists to overcome obstacles. 


The energy of honey calcite is gentle and smooth, which promotes serenity, and a calm environment. This stone gives you the courage for decision making and increases personal strength and power. Honey Calcite, supports the solar plexus chakra. It also empowers you to achieve, accomplish, and fulfill your goals.




Honey Calcite is great for the following: 

  • Activates the solar plexus chakra
  • Promotes self-confidence and hope
  • Clears out old energy patterns and increases motivation 
  • Increases energy and motivation
  • Attracts abundance, positivity, prosperity and wealth
  • Supports the joints, bones, joints, kidneys, stomach and small intestines  
  • Stimulates the mind and enables the ability to learn quick 


This is the version of Honey Calcite Sphere.



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