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Wear an Opal Beaded Bracelet to promote emotional healing. Opal resonates with the energy of Mother Earth. It amplifies cosmic and consciousness awareness and facilitates psychic abilities. It stimulates intuition, inner work, meditation, and shamanic experiences. 

Opal is great for overcoming emotional traumas, fears, and old behavioral patterns. Its gentle energy repairs, reinvigorates, re-energizes, and stabilizes the mind as well as the body, and soul. Opal instills enthusiasm, optimism, creativity, love, and compassion. In addition, opal clears by dissipating negativity and providing a sense of tranquility and peace. 

Opal is great for the following reasons:

  • Fills your aura with peace and tranquility
  • Heals traumas, stress, anxiety, and fear
  • Increases motivation, creativity, and self-confidence
  • Enhances love and compassion
  • Ignites the crown chakra
  • Aids restful sleep
  • Boost sexual energies
  • Promotes loving and caring relationships



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