Variscite Beaded Bracelet

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This beautiful custom-made piece is a beautiful Variscite Beaded Bracelet. Variscite is known as one of the most grounding stones in the mineral kingdom, often associated with well-being. Its metaphysical benefits are quite powerful, stimulating compassion and love while healing old emotional wounds and rekindling old friendships. This dazzling stone instills inner peace, harmony and heals the heart chakra. 

Variscite brings a loving and gentle vibration that generates joy and harmony to your heart. This stone is also wonderful for aiding stress and anxiety. 


This stone has the following properties:

  • Activates the heart chakra
  • Stimulates peace and a loving vibration
  • Instills compassion while promoting loving relationships
  • Stabilizes mood swings
  • Releases negativity and stress
  • Promotes an optimistic attitude and joyous feelings
  • Heals emotional wounds 
  • Brings metal clarity 



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