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Labradorite is the stone for transformation. Labradorite is a great ally for decision making, change, strength, and perseverance. It helps balance and protect the aura, by raising consciousness, improving grounding, and spirituality. This stone is astonishing for enhancing psychic abilities, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. 

Carrying labradorite enhances intuitive abilities, astral travel, and telepathy. It assists with higher communication to the Akashic Records, and past-life recall. Labradorite is truly one of the most powerful and shielding stones of the mineral kingdom. Its energy protects and shields your electromagnetic field and environment. Labradorite is categorized for its beautiful shades of iridescent bluish, greenish and brown tonality, which changes color depending upon light refraction. 


This stone is great for the following reasons: 

  • Protects your aura from negative energy 
  • Develops psychic awareness and clairvoyance 
  • Activates all of the chakras
  • Strengthens the aura 
  • Helps purify your electromagnetic field
  • Increases determination and motivation
  • Deflects unwanted energies 
  • Improves energy flow and promotes mental sharpness
  • Raises consciousness
  • Connects universal energies 
  • Balances the hormones

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