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Nephrite is one of the most distinctive stones in the mineral kingdom, known as Jade. This lovely stone is categorized for its beautiful green shade color and translucency. The word Nephrite derives from the Greek word “nephros”, which means “kidney”. 

Jade is the stone for self-acceptance, and stability.  This stone is wonderful to bring calm, quiet, and stillness into your life. A great ally for those individuals living a busy and stressful life, it will bring more peace and tranquility. Nephrite Jade will promote self-confidence, personal growth, and balance. Carry Nephrite Jade to activate your heart chakra.



This crystal has the following benefits:

  • Encourages self-acceptance
  • Promote stability, emotional healing, and resiliency
  • Helps achieve financial goals
  • Clears energy and stabilize emotions 
  • Stimulates emotional balance and stability
  • Activates the heart chakra
  • Encourages confidence 
  • Brings relationship energies from compassion and generosity



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